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John's Horror Banana-nanza Episode Sixty-Five : Three On A Meathook

Updated on October 30, 2012
I mean, that cover sums it up better than I could.
I mean, that cover sums it up better than I could.

Huh. Loosely based on the true story of Ed Gein, huh? How loosely, exactly?

Try not even remotely related.

Some girls are swimming gleefully naked in front of the camera to open the film, and then we have a broken down car. So, a friendly man allows the girls to stay at his house. And of course, since this was the 70's and everyone was trustworthy, the girls agree.

Once they get there, the man's father throws a big fit about how last time he had ladies over, things went, well, not so swimmingly. The son promises his father it won't happen again. But of course, it does.

So naturally, the father tries to help cover things up. And tries to convince the son that he's responsible. Meanwhile, the son starts falling in love with one of the girls. Wow. That happened fast.

And of course, in the end, there's a twist. But it's kind of stupid. There's only six characters in the film and based on the title, three of them are dead! Of course, the title is kind of lying. When the remaining girl opens the barn, she does find three, but on three different meathooks. I guess the title "Three On Three Meathooks" didn't sound nearly as catchy, huh?

So these girls aren't used for furniture, they weren't dug up from graves, and no one wore their skin. So just out of curiosity, I wonder if this has even the slightest to do with Ed Gein. I'm gonna say no.

Catchy trailer.


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