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JK Rowling is an Amazing Person - Her Harvard Commencement Address

Updated on January 6, 2011
JK Rowling - Author of Harry Potter
JK Rowling - Author of Harry Potter

JK Rowling Inspirational Speech

Est. Reading / Viewing Time: 25 minutes viewing, 5min reading.

Everyone who does not live in a hole knows JK Rowling and especially her books Harry Potter. She is one of the most recognisable names in the world. Harry Potter has a huge amount of fans worldwide. I am not one of them. To be fair I have not read any of them, or ever will. They do not interest me. However I have known small amounts about how JK Rowling rose to fame and her struggles in the early days due to her being the media. What I did not know is what an amazing inspirational speaker she is. Below are the full series of her Commencement Address at Harvard to graduates. JK Rowling is not only a great writer (based from the success of her books, like I say I have not read them) but an incredible speaker.

In this speech she really speaks from the heart about her pre-Harry Potter life. Similarly to Steve Job's commencement speech (which I have tagged on below), her commencement address made me really admire her outlook on life and it really is inspirational. I recommended listening to the videos whilst continuing with your day. It is easy to take in and will make you ask what are you doing with your life?

Enjoy. Remember to check out the Steve Jobs video below, even if you like me, don't really buy into the whole Apple thing.

JK Rowling Commencement Address Part 1

JK Rowling Commencement Address Part 2

JK Rowling Commencement Address Part 3

BONUS VIDEO: Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

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