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Jackie Chan is not retiring. Chinese Zodiac is opening worldwide Dec. 12, 2012

Updated on September 12, 2012

Jackie Chan, not retiring

Jackie Chan, once again as Asian Hawk in Chinese Zodiac, opening worldwide Dec. 12, 2012
Jackie Chan, once again as Asian Hawk in Chinese Zodiac, opening worldwide Dec. 12, 2012 | Source

Jackie is still working.

Jackie Chan may not be able to do all that he use to do.

But he is still working.

His 101st film is coming out in December, where

he reprises his role as Asian Hawk.

Jackie always tries to explain to his abilities, in English,

certain things, but it seems like the press, likes to

take things and twists them around.

Jackie indeed is not retiring and is actually working.

In fact he actually is at the Toronto International Film Festival's (TIFF),

as we speak to promote The Chinese Zodiac.

The film itself is about 12 figures, and it is a Jackie Chan,

style film.

If you really truly are a Jackie Chan fan, you will forever,

love Jackie's work.

Jackie Chan, has never been just an "in" thing or a fad.

Jackie has always been Jackie.

You can't beat his films.

Well go figure, with everything he has done,

he as nearly given his life, quite a few times,

in his films.

The thing about Jackie Chan, he will go

that extra mile to reassure his fans, they

will enjoy his film.

I always have been, and always will

be a Jackie Chan fan.

I have seen his films, where they based

on China's history and it wasn't an action film.

Jackie can indeed act, but I already know,

people are biased about it.

True to the fact that his big huge face book,

page has over 27 million people on it,

that should show alone, that being a Jackie Chan

fan, you are among millions of people who

also love Jackie, so how on earth could you

ever go wrong, by liking Jackie.

Jackie does so much and gives so much.

He could be sitting around and not doing anything at all.

Yet, Jackie does a lot of charity work and gives back a lot.

It goes to show you, that not all international superstars,

are not just superstars, but humane human being,

that believes in giving back.

I could write down a huge list that would take all day,

that would show everything Jackie Chan is associated with.

I give a big salute to Jackie and I do have hopes to

work with him myself someday.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 5 years ago from worldwide

    Cogerson, if you like Jackie, then you probably will like it.

    Jackie was just at the Toronto film festival promoting his films.

    I think the only time Jackie Chan sleeps is downtime while working on sets.

  • Cogerson profile image

    Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

    Well you have me interested in Chinese Zodiac. I have enjoyed his movies for years and have always been amazed at his skills and his willingness to do such amazing stunts.....27 million followers on Facebook that is amazing.....and I thought I was doing pretty good with 400