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Jagga Jasoos: An Experimental Plot

Updated on July 23, 2017
Jagga Jasoos is the first movie of Katrina and Ranbir post their breakup
Jagga Jasoos is the first movie of Katrina and Ranbir post their breakup | Source


Ranbir Kapoor as Jagga, Katrina Kaif as Shruti Sengupta, Saswata Chatterjee as Bagchi, Saurabh Shukla as Evil Police Officer

This is Ranbir Kapoor's second movie with Anurag Basu
This is Ranbir Kapoor's second movie with Anurag Basu | Source


The movie is a flashback given by Shruti who is telling a group of children a story about the adventures of a boy named Jagga. Jagga is an orphan who is afraid to talk to people because of his stammering. The cute little boy, who lives in a small tampered house does part time job such as selling newspapers. One day he sees a man (Bagchi) falling from the top of the train into the grasslands. Jagga quickly reaches the spot, takes Bagchi to the hospital and treats him. Touched by the care received from the helpful boy, Bagchi adopts Jagga. In order to make him more interactive, Bagchi advices Jagga to sing the line which he wants to speak to prevent stammering. Everything has been fine until one day when a group of people headed by an evil Police Officer (played by Shukla) starts chasing Bagchi. The father-son duo try to hide themselves from the officer and his team, but the officer identifies them. Instead of detaining the father-son duo, the officer drops a letter and moves out from there. Bagchi reads that letter and decides to send Jagga to a boarding school, After joining the school Jagga becomes the local detective of the village. Bagchi in the meanwhile absconds himself completely, but is able to send a VCR cassette to his son every year on his birthday. Each cassette which Jagga receives contain a lesson of life.

Jagga uses his logical and analytical skills to great effect to solve various mysteries in the village. He also meets his lady love Shruti. On one of his birthdays Jagga doesn't get that VCR Cassette from his father which he used to get every year. This is the point after which the movie becomes a thriller. Jagga waits anxiously for 2-3 days but doesn't receive the cassette. Instead, he receives news about his father's demise from a newspaper. A broken and shattered Jagga goes to address mentioned in the newspaper where he meets the Evil Police Officer who earlier was after him and his father. The Officer was the one who dropped the news about Bagchi's death in the newspaper and shows a couple of photographs to Jagga as the proof of his father's death. But Jagga, relying on his logical mind concludes that the Officer was lying and his father was alive. From here on wards, a cat-mouse game starts between Jagga and the Police officer.


Jagga Jasoos is an experimental plot. I don't think that any Bollywood movie in the past had this sort of backdrop. The movie has been presented as a fairy tale, which contains a collection of comic book adventures of the main protagonist.

Jagga Jasoos will give nostalgia to all those people who were born in the the 90s. Right from the logo of Walt Disney Productions, to the musical oration of dialogues, everything will bring back your childhood memories.

Anurag Basu, who is the director of this movie has always come with something new in his movies like Murder, Gangster or Barfi, and has been rewarded with critical and commercial success. This movie took 4 years, and Basu proved that the movie was worth waiting. Though you may feel that the movie is stretching a bit because of the weak script. But whenever this happens, there is a new twist in the tale is waiting to be discovered.

A special mention of Art Director Parijat Poddar and DOP S. Ravi Varman who helped in navigating this almost surreal world effortlessly which has been showcased in this movie.

The movie which starts off as a musical, takes twists and turns and unfolds other genres like action, thrill, drama and suspense.

Ranbir, as a stammering Jagga is very good as expected. His innocent portrayal of Jagga will make you fall in love with the character. Katrina has done nothing different in this movie. Saurabh Shukla has got limited scenes but he is good in them. Saswata Chatterjee steals the show. The man, who even in a female-centric movie like Kahani got the audience's attention, once again delivers a brilliant performance. After watching his portrayal of a sacrificing father, I had tears in my eyes. The movie's USP is the father-son bond that Jagga and Bagchi shared.


"Jagga Jasoos" is a feel good movie which would be liked by both children and adults.

Watch it for Ranbir and Saswata's performance, and if your are a fan of unconventional movies.

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That was my take on the movie. What do you think about it?

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© 2017 Suramya Vyas


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    • Suramya Vyas profile imageAUTHOR

      Suramya Vyas 

      16 months ago from Mumbai

      hi belinda

      I told my experience at the end.

      Though yes, I appreciate your words of wisdom and would try to inculcate them in my forthcoming articles.

      Thank You..!

    • yogaburnclub profile image


      16 months ago from Kenya

      Hi out there

      your hub looks informative but needs some editing especially on the layout.Avoid long paragraphs and sentences which readers might not have time to read.Use multiple capsule and break your content into sub topics.Consider tell your experience with the movie.


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