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Jane By Design -- The Replacement

Updated on June 6, 2012

Two months have passed since we last left Jane. Billy had rushed to tell her he loved her, only to find Jeremy there ruining the moment. Jane had wrongly cost India her job when it was revealed that Jeremy's was the real rat. So what happened after that moment Billy told Jane she was the one? When Jeremy showed up, Billy took off and has spent the last two months locked up in juvenile detention, while Jane has wondered exactly what Billy meant by she's the one. Jane also turned Jeremy down. Good thing. There's a reason they call a high school girl jail bait. If old Jeremy doesn't cool his jots he could find himself up on a statutory rape charge.

Jane picks Billy up as he's released but he won't give her an answer to what he meant. He asks about Jeremy and she reveals they aren't together. Things don't go well for Billy at school. The first person he sees is Lulu and Nick in all their coupledom glory. Later, Lulu tries to get back with Billy, but he blows her off. Jane kind of does the same thing with Nick when he comes sniffing around her.

Jane's got her own problems with Rita. She says Jane's attendance hasn't been good because of her internship and her grades aren't as good as they once were. Jane shines her on about doing better. Meanwhile at work, Jeremy tells Jane he believes Jane will be promoted as India's replacement. When Billy realizes Jane is ready to just leave him behind and take the job it makes him even less inclined to tell her that he loves her and he begins giving her the cold shoulder.

A spanner in the works appears in the form of Grey's nephew, Eli, who Jane believes is also up for India's job. He looks a bit younger than Jeremy and I'd be money he'll become Jane's new love interest in time. Jeremy assures Jane that Grey would never give the job to her family. So Jane continues to ponder what she'll do if Grey offers her the job.

Ben has his own set of problems. He and Rita have become lovers and trying to keep the truth about Jane's job from her is causing them to have some issues. Especially when Jane cuts out of school to head to work and both Ben and Billy give conflicting reasons for why Jane is missing. Ben says she has cramps and Billy says she has a cold.

Billy reluctantly heads to Grey's to save Jane's bacon one last time as Ben warns him Rita intends to head to their house and see if Jane is really sick in bed. He arrives in time to see Jane make a fool of herself turning down Grey's job offer, when Grey was never offering it to her. Word to the wise, don't listen to Jeremy. He knows crap. Grey gives the job to her nephew.

Seeing Jane turn down the job thaws the ice between Billy and Jane as they race to beat Rita to Jane's house. They make it in the nick of time and for now Rita is fooled and Jane's double life is safe. Jane once again asks Billy what he meant about her being the one, and he lies he only meant that she's his best friend and doesn't want anything to ruin their friendship.

As I said, I think copping out and not telling her how he really feels will bite Billy in the butt down the road when something develops between Eli and Jane. This was his window of opportunity to get the girl he wants and he blew it by chickening out. Because of that, he could end up losing the girl of his dreams for good.

Now that the matter of India's replacement has been settled, Grey tells the troops they must impress the style director from Harrod's. Good luck doing that, Grey, considering the style director is none other than India, who is no doubt looking to get even with quite a few people. High among them is Grey for firing her.

While I'm not a fan of India, in this particular instance I find myself rooting for her. Jane got her fired and she was innocent. Her potential new boyfriend Jeremy was the real culprit. So I'm probably going to be on Team India in her right to get revenge. Hers hoping India finds out her ex-lover Jeremy was the real culprit and outs them. Time for Janey to eat a little crow and discover she got an innocent women fired for something she didn't do.


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