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Jason Statham New Movie Deals

Updated on October 22, 2013
Jason Statham
Jason Statham
Statham 2007
Statham 2007
Expendables Movie Poster
Expendables Movie Poster

History in Film Past & Present

Transporter star Jason Statham has been on a role for the past year as he continues to climb up the movie industry ladder and star alongside some heavy hitters this coming year. As many may or may not know Jason began his career by starring in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels in 1998 and since then has featured in a number of movies, which shall be catalogued at the end of this article so you may get a chance to see him in other roles that actually made him shine outside of the Transporter franchise.

In recent events, he had just completed filming the Expendables where he shall star alongside Sylvester Stallone who wrote and directed the film and focuses on a group of mercenaries trying to overthrow a foreign dictator, and shall also feature a multitude of wonderful actors past and present such as, Eric Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Terry Crews; Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and a cameo appearance by Arnold Shwarzenegger who is currently the Governor of Los Angeles, and hasn’t appeared in a movie since he threw in the towel and became Governor in 2003.

In addition to the Expendables, Jason will also star in Blitz, a thriller about a serial killer targeting police officers which just finished production in London a few weeks ago, and will soon move on to his next role as hit man for the remake of the Mechanic, a film originally released in 1972 which starred Charles Bronson. In the remake however, we will also see Donald Sutherland another true great to the film industry, Ben Foster and Simon West will be directing. Plus there is also mention of Jason starring in the Killer Elite, a film which will be based on true events and the subject of Ranulth Fiennes book “The Feathermen,” where Jason will play a former Navy SEAL who comes out of retirement in order to save an old friend.

Last year Jason started out the year with In the Name of the King, the Bank Job which I truly enjoyed, Death Race and Transporter 3, which didn’t come close to the first two, but of course it couldn’t since the director involved was fairly new and decided on casting an amateur to play the leading lady. Not a good call, but the fight scenes were exceptionally on point and so therefore I’ll give him a high five for effort.

So now that I’ve caught you up to speed on Jason’s movie career and soon to be released movies I hope you can consider some of the movies outlined below and give some or all of them a view. Alongside each I will try to give it a star rating from best to worse and hopefully soon we can see him divert his attention from action and possibly consider giving us females a taste of romance or even comedy so we can really have something to drool over, not that his latest hasn’t fit the bill, but I for one wouldn’t mind seeing him move on from action and to a role or genre we (females) can truly appreciate, not that I’m complaining, gotta give the man credit where credit is due; and he very well deserves it for ensuring all stunts and fights are performed by himself.

Movie History

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels-1998*****



Ghost of Mars-2001

The One-2001****



The Italian Job-2003*****




Crank-2006 *

The Pink Panther-2007*

Transporter II-2005*****


In the Name of the King-2008**

The Bank Job-2008*****

Death Race 2000-2008*****

Transporter III-2008***

Crank 2-High Voltage-2009*


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    • profile image

      Jamila ibrahim 7 years ago

      Ilove transporter guy

    • one2recognize2 profile image

      one2recognize2 8 years ago from New York

      Thanks pddm67 for stopping by and leaving a comment no doubt. I absolutely adore Jason and most of his movies with the exception to the few that I expected more from but just got too ridiculous for words. The Crank movies were among the bad but that's just my opinion as many see and view it differently. Still love the man as a person and actor, so do expect many more reviews as far as he's concerned. :)

    • pddm67 profile image

      pddm67 8 years ago from Queens, New York

      Cool hub. I really like Jason Statham. Have just begun getting into his movies. Actually waiting for Crank 2 thru Netflix. Rock on!