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Jay Chou ~ An Inspiring Role Model

Updated on June 7, 2013

Jay Chou Singapore Concert 2013

Sixth of June 2013, Night, Singapore Indoor Stadium , Jay chou played to a 9,000 strong capacity crowd - the first of his three sold-out concerts in Singapore. This long awaited concert not only get the girls mesmerised but also get the guys praising his determination to keep in shape- killer eight-pack abs.

The opening sequence was impressive. It starts with a post apocalyptic setting whereby Jay chou image was projected on a large screen battling creatures and monster. After slaying the monsters, he escape through a futuristic-looking spaceship which set off from the scene and landed on the stage. Jay chou emerged from a ready made spaceship which awe the audience.

The concert also act in preview for his upcoming movie - roofTop whereby he showcase multiple songs from the movie which will open in Singapore on July 11. The movie is set to bring the movie goers more of his songs and show them his capablity of directing impressive movie.

"Some of my fans started listening to my music 12 years ago, when they were just students. Today, they have become daddies and mummies," he tease out on stage. Truely, it kept the audience thinking how much Jay Chou has progressed in his career. His success today doesnt come easy but rather tied to his passion in the industry.

Later the night, he brought his audience down memory lane, as Jay Chou excited them with a medley of old tunes including Rainbow, Starry Mood, Return to the past and Silence.

According to Taiwanese news, the production fees for his Opus World Tour has amounted to more than 25 million yuan (S$5million) - his most expensive to date. The concert will be moving on to Malaysia, Taiwan and other Chinese cities, including Chendu and Guangzhou, in the coming months, Be sure to catch one of them to really appreciate Jay Chou in creasing the best for us audience.

About Jay Chou

Jay Chou (born 18th Jan 1979) is a Taiwanese musician-actor-director-entrepreneur. He was discovered in 1998 in a talent contest and started off writing song for others Singer. His first debut album was in 2000 when the company that he was working in was brought over by Alfa Music . Since then he never looks back. He produced many more nicely made albums and also acted in numerous high production movie. He then move on to his own production company JVR Music. He has move a long way to earn his success today and all these can truely be seen from his passion to the music industry.

Music Career

Jay Chou combines Western and Chinese music styles to produce songs that fuse rock, R&B and pop genres. He has since come out with 12 albums, namely

  • Jay (2000)
  • Fantasy (2001)
  • Eight Dimensions (2002)
  • Ye Hui Mei (2003)
  • Common Jasmin Orange (2004)
  • November's Chopin (2005)
  • Still Fantasy (2006)
  • On the Run (2007)
  • Capricorn (2008)
  • The Era (2010)
  • Exclamation Mark (2011)
  • Opus 12(2012)

His efforts to come out with one album per year except in 2009 has show tremendously result whereby million copies has been sold worldwide. One of his song " Silence" recorded in the album Fantasy was my all time favourite as it was filled with heartwarming lyrics written by him.

Silence (安靜)

Movie Career

He started his acting career in Initial D (2005) which he won Best Newcomer Actor in both the Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards. He was then nominated for Best Supporting Actor by Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in Curse of the Golden Flower (2006). He then move on to debut his first self directed movie Secret (2007) which has won numerous good remarks. With his success in the movie industry, he did not stop there. His first Hollywood movie Green Hornet (2011) which he has acted alongside Seth Rogen has brought him to the next level in the movie industry. Below is a list of movie that he has acted on.

Chinese Title
Hidden Track
Cameo appearance
Initial D
Takumi Fujiwara
Main lead
Curse of the Golden Flower
Prince Yuanjie
Supporting role
Jay – Ye Xiang Lun
Main lead; First self-directorial debut film; director, writer and producer
Kung Fu Dunk
Fang Shi Jie – Fong Sai Kit
Main lead
The Treasure Hunter
Qiao Fei
Main lead
True Legend
God of Wushu / Drunken God
Supporting role
The Green Hornet
Main lead; First Hollywood debut film
The Viral Factor
Jon Wan
Main lead
Cameo appearance
Lang-zi Kao
Main lead; Second self-directorial film; director, writer and producer

Green Hornet

Inspiring Story

Attendding his concert not only provide me with whole lots of enjoyment for his song. But, it also let me realize how well one could achieve with his focus on his passion. 12 years, Jay chou has achieve so much more than any others artist could have. Imagine this, how many of us could still see their childhood artist still maintaining their popularity after so long? Not many, I guess.

From Jay chou success, I believe that we could achieve many things in life if we put our passion and heart into whatever we are doing.


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