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Jay Giannone, hard working actor, father, friend to many people and film brother.

Updated on November 2, 2014

A film brother who inspires me a lot.

This is something Jay says himself
This is something Jay says himself
A picture from Jay's photo shoot Nov. 1, 2014
A picture from Jay's photo shoot Nov. 1, 2014 | Source

We all have people who inspire us. Jay is one that inspires myself and many people.

As I sit back from a far, up here in Maine, I see a film brother Jay Giannone working his way up the ladder of his own success in Hollywood.

Some people may know him, some may not but those that do know him know that he came from the streets of Boston in South Boston and had to struggle to get where he is today.

From model, to actor to other parts his crafts he works on almost everyday.

From working on sets with Matt Damon to Ben Affleck to many people, Jay takes his work very seriously.

Jay also has been known to train for a little bit of fighting in some action scenes and he gives it his all.

For me personally, Jay inspires me and I have told people before that Jay had in fact indeed saved my life in a way. I have had my dreams and goals and people don't want people to live their dreams and a time when I was so down when I felt like my dreams were dead, I called Jay.

Jay didn't once make fun of me, nor did he hesitate when I asked him a question when I asked him about a dream.

Basically Jay said straight out, "As long as you work for it, it is possible".

At that one moment in time, that just had helped me to go on and because of that one brief moment in time, that has helped me on my own path, so because of the one time in my life Jay supported me in my dreams when there was hardly that many people who did.

So because of that, as a thank you, I had started a fan page and I try hard to write.

Usually when someone inspires me, I just end up knowing much about someone and really do end up loving their work.

But you all got to know something, if you ever met Jay in life and you know him then you see him on the big screen acting and doing his roles, he can do the mean characters and that scares the ever living crap out of me.

I'm like, that is not Jay doing that character, no, no, no, he is scaring me.

You would have to watch Jay in his roles and his interviews to understand why I think what I am going to touch base on.

I think Jay would do a great job playing Robert DeNiro in a film about Robert DeNiro's life.

Jay just has that in him. Maybe it might help that he really has Italian blood run through his veins and he could play one heck of a DeNiro part.

Let me state this, because i know this is the internet and it is a sensitive subject and will state this, because I do understand with DeNiro fans because DeNiro is a very great actor and when I am saying that Jay could play DeNiro really well in a part, I am not putting DeNiro down or saying that DeNiro would be replaced by Jay, I am just stating I could see Jay playing DeNiro because he has it in him.

Also one of Jay's favorite actor is DeNiro and I think he would love to honor DeNiro and play him a very respectful way to honor DeNiro.

Quite frankly I think any actor that had a chance to play a part in film about the life of one of their favorite actors would love to do so.

But going back to Jay's life, it was hard. My heart breaks a little bit when I have heard about Jay's life.

I won't go into detail but Jay's father's life was taken and I know he misses his father and his brother Anthony is also in heaven. But I believe that they are around Jay and they are very proud of him. I think Jay has two guardian angels watching over him.

Jay's mom is a beautiful woman because I have seen pictures of Jay with his mom. Jay is so happy when I see pictures with his mom and those pictures will warm your heart when you see pictures with his mom.

Jay's children are growing up and his daughter has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and I think his son might be a chip off the ole block, but I think in the good ole block kind of way.

Jay is indeed a family man and is proud of his children which I think is very beautiful for a man to talk about his children.

Life was not easy for Jay and he had to over come substance abuse and well he was hustler but today he was a hustler in a whole new way today.

If you watch his film "Scalpers" you can see something that was based on his life.

Jay gets out of jail and is just trying to get by.

Actually I did see the film premiere and when Jay had to go visit his mother in the hospital, that had me break down in tears at the premiere. I know Jay just has it in him to do such a dramatic role.

But Jay overcame so much and he works and works hard.

People think doing films is just glamorous but they just don't know what goes on behind the screen.

There are such long hours and it sometimes it doesn't matter if it is snowing and below the wind chill factor you are out there doing your thing.

Oh yes I did mention that Jay has done a little bit of his own fighting for a few films so you know that on top of acting, he has to workout and keep in shape.

Believe me, I touched based on a little bit of doing a little bit of fighting in a film and doing a 2 and a half hour scene that lasted for around less than a minute and you hit the ground quite a few times, it hurts a little bit.

So I can just imagine when Jay could be working about 12 hours on set and doing a fight scene and even in the scene he did in Safe with Jason Statham must have been a lot of work.

I could go on forever about Jay and I think I might just write a few more articles sometime in the future about him.

There is so much I could touch base on about Jay, but this man is indeed an inspiration not only to me, but to many many people.

Best wishes to Jay and I am very happy to see him get more films role.

Who knows, maybe I'll study more about DeNiro myself and just write the story of Robert DeNiro's life, and yes I would do it in a very respectful way to honor DeNiro. Of course the only person that I would have in mind to play DeNiro is Jay himself.


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