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Jaycee Chan is an artist in his own right.

Updated on August 20, 2014

Making his own way.


Actor and Singer

A young man where many may know the "son" of Jackie Chan, but making his own way and his own creative way.

Jaycee was actually born in California.

He doesn't actually follow in his famous father's footsteps with all the stunts and crazy daredevil activity in films.

Jaycee may have done some great acting, but wants to immerse himself much more in singing.

Granted it is hard to break out as a young adult, if in the public eye you have to try and live up to the standards of your parents in the public eye.

Indeed that probably is alot of pressure for any young person, so they just try to make it in away on their own.

Jaycee also attended the college of William & Mary.

He can play a couple instruments such as the piano, guitar (bass) and drums.

Jaycee has done a few films and some people may not recognize him, but he has been in films The Drummer to 1911.

Jaycee even has worked with some charities that include things along the lines of; natural disaster relief funds, wildlife service announcements, and organ disease research.

Jaycee is indeed the apple of Jackie Chan's eye.

Of course a father is going to love his song and will try his best to raise his son to his best ability.

I do see Jaycee has such great and wonderful potential to become great and successful in his own way.

If you really know Jackie Chan, he does try to install "value", "dedication", "hard-work" and "honor" in his work and hopes he has passed it on to his son.

Like all sons, including Jaycee he must find his own "path" and his own "way".

It isn't easy, since your "born" into the limelight of the media and especially in today's social media, you can't imagine how hard that would be and you can't even practically go to the bathroom without a media person who would want to spy on you just to see what hand you wipe your bum with toilet paper. So can you imagine trying to do things for yourself?

It indeed is a lot of pressure.

I think in sometimes in life, decisions are made whether they are bad or good.

We all have to decide what we need to do to make it in this world and yes Jaycee is no exception.

Jaycee is a talented person and yes "person" meaning "human being".

As human beings, whether we are a celebrity or someone that is not in limelight, we all have feelings, needs, wants, and desires.

We all bleed the same color blood.

We all get up in the morning eat, drink and live life.

We take in the air we breathe to give us life.

We all want "happiness" in our live and live our lives our own way.

I think in life we have to try on in a way "many different types of pants". Sometimes those "pants" in life don't always fit quite right, but once we find that one pair of "pants" in life, it just seems like we can walk very talk and walk with a stride in our step with a "bounce".

Sometimes it just takes some of us a tiny bit longer to see where we belong in life.

Sometimes we just are like everybody else sailing on a ship waiting for the right port, to settle and plant some roots.

Along the way it could take time sailing and we kind of get "sea sick" and we just want our land legs.

All in all, like all of us, Jaycee Chan is making his own way in the world.

I do see in the future a brilliant talented artist who i know going to bring much joy to a lot of people in this world.


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