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Best of Jazz and Music Festivals in the Caribbean

Updated on January 16, 2017
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For many years the Caribbean has hosted Jazz, music, art and cultural celebrations that has brought the local talent as well as the international talent together on the same stage. These festivals are individual to each island and serve to showcase and celebrate each dynamic culture. It lends a diverse experience that usually has people coming back for more year after year. The Caribbean has also churned out some of the greatest singer/songwriter superstars in the music industry directly as well as indirectly.

Queen Beyonce was once rumored to be linked to the Caribbean Island of Bahamas, but that rumor has since been debunked by many including her father. Niki Minaj is well known for her Trinidadian heritage, and Rihanna for her Bajan upbringing. All of these ladies has in some way contributed to the on going legacy of the several Jazz and musical extravaganzas held here in the Caribbean. As you read on you will discover more about this and also learn alot more about which festivals are held where and when, and how you can make plans to attend. Lets explore island by island shall we.

Festivals of the Caribbean:

  • St. Lucia Jazz Festival
  • Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival
  • Tobago Jazz Festival
  • The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba
  • St. Kitts Jazz Festival

About St. Lucia Jazz Festival

St. Lucia has been doing there thing for 25 years with their life changing Jazz Festival.
‘Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival’ gives it's participants a plethora of events and experiences while in attendance. From Chart topping music to the creative artistic display, to the cultural events, there is something for every interest and you will never be bored at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

This year Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival will be 9 days and fifteen plus venues featuring some of the best live performances. The food at the festival is also not to be taken likely, as only the best of the island is showcased and enjoyed by all. The fusion of the island own culture into the festival really makes it a unique and unforgettable experience.

People fro all over the world flock to this particular festival for the diversity that it has to offer.
In addition to great music events, will be street parties, live late night improv at the Rodney Bay village, and the new addition ‘piece de resistance’ – an international fashion event which will remain a permanent feature of the Festival. ‘Hot’ Couture is gunning for top ranking on the international fashion calendar, as a showcase for both established and rising stars in design.

Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival opens on May 5th at the ‘people’s auditorium’ the Mindoo Phillip Park and will be attended by all the stars of the Caribbean. The 2017 festival promises to be even bigger and better as this island always strives to innovate themselves every year.

A beautiful intro to the St. Lucia Jazz Festival

St. Lucia Jazz Trivia

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A little history about the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

If we take a look back at the history of Jamaica's Jazz and Blues Festival; it has always been a very well orchestrated event of high regional as well as international recognition. Musical artists from all over the world has graced the stages of this auspicious event originally hosted at the Rose Hall Great House. Over the years the event has grown from an audience of 1500 persons to almost double the amount, until it was forced to switch the dates at which the shows were held due to unforeseen environmental factors. These changes sadly left the festival susceptible to even more damaging tourism downfalls, which in turn severely reduced the attendance of the festival. This brings us to the point we are at now.

Unfortunately, they have cancelled this year's celebrations. Read more on our reference site below.

The time Celine Dion made a spectacular performance at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Celine Dion Trivia question

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About the St. Kitts music Festival

St. Kitts Music Festival 20th anniversary celebration is this year of 2016 and promises to be life changing. The various Beach Parties, Cultural Events and Boat Rides surrounding the festival make it even more enjoyable and alluring.

When the festival is over however, the magic doesn't end as the beauty that is St. Kitts is the gift that keeps on giving. Visitors and locals are encouraged to stay and enjoy tours of the island and all it has to offer.

This festival has an alluring quality about it that proves, flying to St. Kitts is easy, convincing yourself to leave the majestic island is hard.

2016 Promo of the St. Kitts Music Festival

St. Kitts island Trivia

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About Aruba music festival

This would have been the 16th year of this celebration in Aruba. They featured grammy award winning singers and songwriters mixed in with other festivities such as comedy shows and cultural events.

Voted #1 “Caribbean Summer Festival” by Jetsetter Magazine as well as #5 by USA Today readers’ choice “10 Best Caribbean Celebrations”, the 2016 Soul Beach Music Festival boasts a cross-section of visitors and celebrities who attend this renowned three-in-one experience featuring live music performances, comedy shows and beach parties. From the morning to the night Aruba will have all it's attendee's grooving.

Highlights from the Jazz Festival in Aruba 2012

Aruba Jazz 411

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What Tobago Jazz has to offer.

Tobago Jazz is more than just music, it's an experience. The island though small in size offers a large punch anytime it puts on a show or festival. They always bring a diverse mix of musical talent on the stage so that all age groups can be well entertained.

A look at the 2016 Tobago Jazz experience

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