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Jean Harlow

Updated on May 25, 2013

Jean Harlow was an American actress(film). She was known as blonde bombshell, platinum blonde, as sex symbol.

Jean Harlow born Harlean Carpenter was born March 3, 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri. She was born to Motclair Carpenter (a dentist) and Jean Harlow Carpenter. In 1922 her parents divorced and her mother took her to live with her. In 1927 Jean Harlow left home at 16 and married her first husband Charles McGrew. Shortly after this Jean Harlow took on small parts that were uncredited to please her mother. Jean Carpenter had dreams of being an actress in her younger days. In 1929 Harlow and husband Charles divorced. Harlow’s big break came when she was 18 and replaced an actress in the movie Hell’s Angels”. The movie was produced by billionaire, Howard Hughes who put Harlow under a five-year contract. March 3, 1932 Harlow was informed by Paul Bern a MGM executive that her contract was bought from Hughes she was not a part of MGM. On July 2, 1932 she married Bern after two months she became a widow. He shot himself in the home they shared. This suicide is still a mystery until this day because the studio covered it up to not tarnish Harlow’s image. Harlow would be later on become romantically involved with boxer Max Baer who was married at the time. When his wife this out she filed for divorce with the reasoning of alienation of affection and she named Harlow as the co-defendant. MGM didn’t want to go through another scandal so thet arranged for a marriage between Harlow and her favorite cameraman, Harold Rosson. They quietly divorced seven months later and still remained good friends. Harlow was never to marry again, but she did fall in love. William Powell was the man she fell for. The two dated for a little over two years until Harlow came down quite ill. She died June 7, 1937 from cerebral edema, brought on from kidney failure. There were rumors on what had caused her death until the 1990s when her medical record was unsealed to reveal that since she had contracted scarlet fever as a teenager, that her fate was sealed since in the 19030s there was no medical help for failing kidneys.

Harlow had 39 and possibly more titles under her belt.

Moran of the Marines (uncredited)

Chasing Husbands (uncredited)


Liberty (as Harlean Carpenter)

Fugitives (uncredited)

Why Be Good? (uncredited)

Why is a Plumber?

Close Harmony (uncredited)

The Unkissed Man (uncredited)

Double Whoopee

Thundering Toupees

Masquerade (uncredited)

Bacon Grabbers

The Saturday Night Kid (uncredited)

The Love Parade (uncredited)

This Thing Called Love (uncredited)

Weak But Willing (uncredited)

New York Nights (uncredited)


Hell’s Angels


Platinum Blonde


The Public Enemy

Iron Man

The Secret Six


Three Wise Girls

Beast of the City

Red Dust

Red-Headed Woman



Hold Your Man


The Girl from Missouri

Dinner at Eight



China Seas



Wife Vs. Secretary

Libeled Lady



Personal Property



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