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Jennifer Anniston-an American beauty

Updated on October 17, 2012

Jennifer Aniston

For the last few years, Americans have voted Jennifer Aniston one of the top 10 most beautiful women. In a new poll, she dropped from the top 10 clear out of the top 100. Personally, I don't see why. I understand, there was a lot of sympathy for her when her marriage to Brad Pitt ended, but I don't understand this kind of drop.

Her Bio Jennifer Aniston

Born: Feb 11, 1969

Birthplace: Sherman Oaks, Ca

Gender: Female

Race or Ethnicity: White

Sexual orientation: Straight

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: United States

Executive summary: Rachel on Friends

After becoming enchanted by the television show Fame, she attended the New York High School of Performing Arts, graduating in 1987. In 1994 she landed the part of Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends, which ran for ten years.

Aniston grew up self-conscious about her looks. Her eyes were slightly crossed, which caused Aniston some problems reading lines and perhaps had affected her grades in school. Reportedly, her mother was highly critical of her appearance. After Aniston became part of the top-rated sitcom Friends, her mother allegedly talked to the tabloids about her famous daughter, and wrote a book about their relationship. At that point, Aniston stopped speaking with her mother.

She married Brad Pitt in 2000, and for several years they were irresistible camera-bait for Entertainment Tonight. In 2004, gossips of the world noticed that Aniston and Pitt were not so often seen together, and there were whispers that she wanted a career and he wanted children. In January 2005, they announced a separation so amicable that they continued to share the same home. Two months later, Aniston filed for divorce. She wants their recently-remodeled $14 million mansion, and he has said he will not contest that.

Aniston's parenthetical "Rachel" coiffure became the most copied hairstyle in the world.

Father: John Aniston (actor, b. 24-Jul-1933)

Mother: Nancy Dow (author, b. 22-Jul-1936)

Boyfriend: Adam Duritz (musician, Counting Crows; dated 1990s)

Boyfriend: Tate Donovan (actor, dated mid-1990s)

Boyfriend: Charlie Shlatter (actor, ex-)

Boyfriend: Paul Rudd(actor, dated 1998)

Husband: Brad Pitt (actor, dated 1999-2000, m. 29-Jul-2000, div. 2-Oct-2005)

Boyfriend: Vince Vaughn (actor, dated 2005-06)

Jennifer and Vince Vaughn

A real beauty

I know it is airbrushed to kingdom come, but she is hot
I know it is airbrushed to kingdom come, but she is hot

Jennifer and her Dog


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