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Jessica Louise "Jesy Nelson" and British Pop Music Group Little Mix

Updated on July 19, 2017

Jesy Nelson of the girl group Little Mix

Singer "Jesy Nelson" is seen here at the Attitude Magazine Awards in London in October 2012.
Singer "Jesy Nelson" is seen here at the Attitude Magazine Awards in London in October 2012. | Source

Introduction to Jessica Louise "Jesy" Nelson and Little Mix

Jesy (Jessica Nelson) is one of the members of the band Little Mix. This article is going to be about who Nelson is and what makes her interesting as a celebrity. Nelson was born on June 14, 1991 in London, England. This writer found out about Little Mix while covering the life and career of Rochelle Humes. I’m glad I did because these girls are very talented. The United Kingdom is not just a hotbed for heavy metal but their pop music is of high quality. The albums of Little Mix have all been platinum certified. When I saw a short interview of Jesy describing herself, I was in awe of her charming accent and I decided to check out the music of Little Mix. Little Mix is a four member girl group and the members are:

Band Members

  • Perrie Edwards
  • Jessica Louise (Jesy) Nelson
  • Lee Ann Pinnock
  • Jade Thirlwall

Interesting facts about Jesy Nelson

  • Jesy was very dedicated in music and drama during her schooling years.
  • Jesy was a bartender before she was chosen to be a contestant on the show “The X Factor.”

Jesy Nelson and Little Mix Promote their makeup collection (2013)

The album and especially the song Shout Out to My Ex symbolizes what Jesy is going through

Jesy is going through a very hard time in her life as the group is promoting Glory Days. In a recent interview with Hello Magazine (January 2017), Nelson admitted that breaking up with her fiance singer Jake Roche is one of the most horrendous things she has done. This follows the engagement which happened in July 2015. The song Shout Out to My Ex is not only one of the group’s most famous songs but it also tries to convey the message that you don’t need the other person anymore because you will go out with your friends and have fun after the relationship clearly did not work out.

One big reason why Jesy Nelson is so talented-master of accents!


Life after her breakup with Jake Roche

After her split with Jake Roche, it did not take long for Jesy to get involved in the romance market. I use the term romance market to describe the dating game. She began dating Chris Clark. It was earlier in 2017 that the couple confirmed that they were dating through social media site Instagram. But according to certain reports, the romance did not last. There was a claim going around that they broke up because Chris could not handle the fame. However, The Sun, a British newspaper reported that her closest friends are fearful that Clark who is a reality TV show star dated her to take advantage of her fame. The real truth is that Chris broke up with Jesy by phone and did not really give a reason for his decision. He was also not sad about the split, revealing that there was no chance of reconciliation between the two of them. This is one of the most strange celebrity romances I’ve read about but Jesy will be determined and come back from this stronger than ever.

Jesy Nelson talks about what she wanted to do initially

Little Mix has become more than just pop music for fans

Nelson also revealed that Little Mix has become a sort of role model for girls when she said: “I think being named role models kind of happened just naturally, we never really asked for it. Which is lovely, I love the fact that girls look up to us and we empower people and inspire them,” (Magazine, 2017). There is a 1960’s oldies song that says “breaking up is hard to do.” The artist is Neil Sedaka but the song is famous for its grooves. This article goes beyond just the musical quality of Glory Days. We have to give much credit to Jesy for being so determined to move on with her life in spite of the breakup. If anything, this should remind us that nothing is forever and that sometimes for whatever reason, some relationships don’t work out in the end even if they go as far as engagement.


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