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Jesus Knows More About 'The Walking Dead' than AMC's Hit Zombie Show

Updated on November 13, 2013

Jesus Revives The Dead

Jesus comes to bring Lazarus back to life
Jesus comes to bring Lazarus back to life | Source

The Walking Dead on AMC

Rick standing in front of zombies behind a fence.
Rick standing in front of zombies behind a fence. | Source

The Walking Dead on AMC

What can Jesus say about the walking dead?

Well, a lot, actually. But he didn't bring back the dead to eat the living.

'The Walking Dead' (that most people are familiar with) is the hit zombie television show on AMC, that airs new episodes on Sunday nights. Season 4 debuted with an estimated 16.1 million adult viewers, with over 10 million of those in the 18-49 age range. The numbers are so successful, that AMC has already renewed the show for a 5th season.

For those interested in catching up to the current episode in the 4th season, it is strongly recommended that you read this blog post with a recap of each episode from season 4.

What is 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead is a zombie drama television show based on the comics books by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The source comics and show are about a world where zombies exist. People living at the time that the dead (zombies) come back to live, must fight them for survival. Zombies feed on the living, and people can only kill them with a gunshot, a strike to the head, or by burning them.

Does 'The Walking Dead' Television Show Reference God?

Yes. The Walking Dead television show talks about the characters' faith (or lack of) and commonly makes references to hell. In season 4, episode 4, a band of survivors happens across a gas station. The numbers are placed on the gas price sign in a manner that spelled the word, "hell."

At the end of episode 5 of 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 shows character Hershel opening up the Bible after a long day of having to do some unthinkable things in his horrific situation.

Because this zombie apocalypse scenario is so grisly, many survivors may feel like there is no God to have let zombies roam the Earth.

What Does 'The Walking Dead' Have to do With Jesus?

The Walking Dead has a lot to do with Jesus, but the show on AMC is fictionally off from the truth. In fact, some could argue that Jesus is the original inspiration behind zombies, since he made the dead to walk again. However, when Jesus performed this miracle, he did not bring people back to an undead state. Instead, he healed a person fully, and restored them back to good health and sound mind, giving the person a second chance at life.

With that being said, most zombie television shows and movies are graphic in nature, and are not suitable for children to watch. They are a piece of science fiction as far as the dead re-animating and searching the Earth for living people to feed upon.

Jesus did bring the dead to life, and wanted the people receiving a second chance at life to live in a moral way, sharing the good news of the gospel..

Lazarus Raised from the Dead

Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead
Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead | Source

John 11: Was Lazarus the First Zombie?

In the book of John, Chapter 11, Mary and Martha send a message to Jesus telling him that Lazarus is very ill.

Jesus responds by saying: "His sickness will not end in his death. but will bring great glory to God. As these events unfold, the Son of God will be exalted." (John 11: 4, The Voice Bible)

Jesus tells his disciples that it is time to return to Judea, because Lazarus is now sleeping. The disciples did not understand that Jesus meant Lazarus had died.

They did not get this, so Jesus then told his disciples: "Lazarus is dead and I am now grateful for your sakes that I was not there when he died. Now you will see and beiieve.It does not matter if the people there want to kill me. Gather yourselves, and let's go to him." (John 11: 14-15, The Voice Bible)

Lazarus had been dead for four days when Jesus reached his tomb. As they removed the stone to his tomb, Jesus lifted his eyes toward Heaven and prayed. Then he called for Lazarus to come out.

A man that was dead came out. He was bound from head to toe in a burial shroud. Jesus told them to untie the burial shroud and let him go. Lazarus was unwrapped. He was alive again, but not as a zombie.

Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

The Walking Dead is Not a Christian Show

Despite the fact that there are Christians that watch this science fiction zombie drama, it is not a Christian show. It is not family friendly, and not appropriate for children.

To be fair, the show demonstrates a reality that will never happen on Earth and it doesn't claim to be a Christian show.

We will never face a zombie apocalypse. But, we (humans) do face spiritual warfare everyday, whether we acknowledge it or not. We live in a world where we cannot see demons (unless a person is posessed), yet they exist and wage war against us.

Have you strapped on the armor of God to protect yourself and loved ones from demons?

© 2013 Zack Love


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