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Jim And Bob: The Two Amoebas Cartoon

Updated on September 18, 2015
Jim & New Friend Frank
Jim & New Friend Frank | Source

A Family Friendly Cartoon Series

Jim & bob: The Two Amoebas is a web cartoon created by SuperDaddyTV Animation and released through their YouTube channel and in the near future DVD compilations. The series is about, you guessed it two amoebas and their adventures in a tiny puddle of water. The talkative and outgoing of the two amoebas, Jim is often the driving force for the series as he ponders the unknown, makes observations and many of the choices driving the plot of each cartoon. Jim is accompanied by his best friend named Bob who has a bit of an unusual quirk he always answers questions with the word nope! This sometimes causes some distress to Jim whom is often looking for straight answers to questions he poses.

Jim & Bob, Bacteria Swimming by
Jim & Bob, Bacteria Swimming by | Source

Episode 1: The World Around Us

In the first episode of this continuing series Jim and Bob are enjoying a leisurely day floating about when Jim begins to ponder the meaning of life. Jim imagines the world in which they live as a tiny insignificant spot in an otherwise incredibly enormous universe. Displaying a bit of paranoia on his part and humor on the part of the writer Jim imagines that the two Amoebas are being watched and maybe manhandled by creatures too large to be scene. No doubt a reference to the scientists that are no doubt culturing them and using them for their research far beyond their tiny puddle. Bob responds in the fashion in which he always does of course to the delight of the audience.

Episode 2: We Survived!

In this episode Jim and Bob find that they have narrowly escaped being digested by another micro-organism, known only in the script as a Stentor so far. The Stentor having swallowed the two amoebas at the end of the previous cartoon spits them out at the beginning of this one. Jim now after having pondered the meaning of life previously now becomes very aware that their lives could end at any time and knows they were really lucky. But again attempting to impress this fact on Bob leaves him a little annoyed. Bob seems completely undisturbed by what happened and by what could have happened.

Episode 3: Don't Be Frank!

In this episode there is the introduction of a new character name Frank, another amoeba that looks strangely like Jim but is just a different color. Jim finally getting a bit fed up with Bob's negative attitude, as he says nothing but nope all the time, decides that Frank is a better friend for him. Frank of course quite the opposite of Bob says nothing but the word yep constantly. Bob seems a bit sad when Jim leaves with Frank but as Jim soon finds out someone who says only yep all the time can be just as bad or worse than someone who constantly says nope.

Below is a poll for your opinion, feel free to let us know which of the episodes you found the most entertaining.

Which Jim & Bob Episode Did You Like The Most?

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Jim & Bob, spit out by the Stentor
Jim & Bob, spit out by the Stentor | Source

This web cartoon series is ongoing so this article will certainly be updated as more episodes are created and released. The series doesn't involve profanity, sexual themes, violence or controversial material, so is g-rated, and appropriate for both children, families or any age group. Don't miss other cartoon web series by SuperDaddyTV like: Charlie Butters, Sammy Squid and Clay Batman.

Below is a little quiz it is a great reminder of some of the funny things in the cartoons and along with testing your knowledge of the characters it will make it hard for you to wait for the next cartoon. So give it a whirl and have some fun with it and don't hold back!

How well do you know Jim And Bob?

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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 21 months ago from North America

      tillsontitan Thanks the creator of Gumby, Art Clokey as a great film maker. More to come on these claymation cartoons, one is being released in another couple weeks so this hub will be updated for sure!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 2 years ago from New York

      Well, that was different. Thanks for the introduction. In a small way it reminds me of Gumby cartoons.