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Jimmy Neutron Revival Project - how to sign the petitions

Updated on January 7, 2012

Brief Overview

Nickelodeon once had many educational shows that instilled positive morals and made learning fun. These shows are disappearing fast and are being replaced with lesser efforts that are geared more towards violence and misbehaving with absolutely zero consequence for one’s actions. This has to change.

This hubpage is a how-to guide on how to sign the petitions to Nickelodeon. If you are a fan of the show and want it back on the air, please read on.


Why Jimmy Neutron Is Worth Reviving

This was one of many posters I saw when I went to see the movie in 2001. You could tell just by looking at these posters that the film and spinoff television series were going to be imaginative, educational, and fun.

What Made Jimmy Neutron Successful

The most successful shows like Jimmy Neutron had a lot of wonderful qualities that made them great.

One of the reasons I enjoyed this show was that it had the perfect balance of action, adventure, drama, comedy, and even romance. It was one of those “perfect” shows you don’t often see on TV. The writers knew how to combine all of these qualities and did it well. This is why Jimmy Neutron was not only successful but very popular.


When signing the petition (one or both of them), there are some things you must do:

  • Use your real name – you must use your real name so that Nickelodeon knows that real people actually care about the show. Neutronfan123, for example, is not a real name and they will not take these kinds of signatures seriously.
  • Leave a comment with your signature – be sure to tell Nick what the show meant to you and how it impacted your life. Be specific and use detailed examples if possible.


Getting More Signatures

As you’ve probably noticed, if you have visited the petition sites, the signature count is drastically low. I need at least 20,000 signatures on both the and care2 petitions. Nick will not take this cause very seriously if there are only a few hundred or a few thousand signatures. These petitions are a huge deal – if you care about the show, please take a few minutes to sign either one of the petitions.


Spreading The Word

Spreading the word is just as simple as signing the petitions. Once you have finished signing, copy and paste the petition links onto your tumblr blogs, twitter, and Facebook. In addition, share my Youtube channel with everyone you know. I have other videos that outline the entire Jimmy Neutron Revival Project and will provide you with more information on how you can bring the show back.


Make A Difference Today

A petition is only the first of many steps that will be taken to bring awareness to Nickelodeon about how much we truly miss the show, but is one of the most important steps of all in this project. The more signatures and comments we get, the greater likelihood there is that Nick will actually listen to us and take what we have to say seriously. Take a moment to sign the petition and leave a comment – it really will make a difference! Let’s continue Jimmy’s adventures!

To learn more about the Jimmy Neutron Revival Project, click here to read my previous hub.


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