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Joe Jackson is nothing but an entertainment pimp

Updated on July 11, 2009

 To look at the man, I feel nauseated.  Sick.  He looks like a pimp in the way he presents himself to the public.  Who is he kidding?  This is the man that launched the Jackson 5 to stardom and later, was identified as the man behind Michael Jackson's phobias and oddities because of his abusive upbringing.  This is the man who was abusive to his wife Katherine; and to his children.  He solicited his children to the public.  Talented; hell yes!  The kids between Joe and Katherine all have wonderful talents.  Perhaps it was their talent that allowed most of them some normalcy to their lives.  They earned enough money to live how they chose.  Michael, as we know, taking it to the extremes.

I am angered by his recent interview on television stating that he feels Michael's kids could be performers.  Cha Ching!  Any one hear those dollar signs roll over in Joe's eyes?  The father of these children hasn't even been buried in the ground yet and he is already contemplating the solicitation of these innocent kids.

I don't know if he and Katherine are together right now.  She has been called estranged from him.  I hope that she finally gets the gumption to leave this money monger once and for all.  Apparently Michael felt connected and loved by his mother.  She received affirmation of this after the reading of his will where he left his children to her, not his father.  Joe has been quoted as saying that he and his wife should raise the children like children should be raised.  That they need to be fed like children should be fed.  Did anyone feel that any of the three kids looked famished or malnourished?  They all looked healthy and beautiful.  Also, what is Joe's check point for raising kids?  Is there a right way or a wrong way when you are one of the most wanted faces in the world right now?  If Joe feels the right way is to begin exposing these children to the world by pushing them into show biz, then he isn't looking out for what is in the best interest of these children.

Look at these beautiful children.  Yes, we all know by now that Michael is not their biological father.  They are beautiful nonetheless.  They look healthy and well adjusted except for the youngest; named Blanket.  He looks very disturbed and as if he is trying to emotionally distance himself from what is going on around him.

 As we all know, these children have been sheltered from the press and from most people throughout their lives; not even being allowed to play with visitors attending Neverland, or being allowed to ride rides and visit the zoo without a special occasion.  However, the two older children appear to be mature beyond their years.  Little Blanket who is only 7 years old, undoubtedly is overwhelmed by everything that is going on.  For Joe to mention that he heard the youngest could dance really well, makes me angry to think he is already calculating a future for these poor children.

It appears that Michael wanted his children to grow up with privilege but not be spoiled.  He wanted to keep them away from performing as it was well known he didn't take them to his concerts or on the road with him when he traveled; leaving them at home with their nannies.

To expect these children to follow in his foot steps is a high expectation.  First of all, they are not his biological children.  They don't have his musical genes nor his inherited talent.  Not having seen nor heard these children, it is unknown as to whether or not they possess their own unique talent.  If they do, then I pray that who ever is given the privilege of raising these children will allow them to map out their own course in life.  If they want to perform, let them enter this venue slowly.  After all, it was the fame and schedule and loss of privacy and self that led their father to the end of his road.  Do we want the same for these beautiful children?


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