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John Lennon's Killer is up for Parole for the 7th time but will it be denied due to the celebrity status of the Victim?

Updated on August 18, 2012

According to Linda Foglia who is the New York Department of Corrections spokeswoman, Mark David Chapman who is the man responsible for killing John Lennon in December of 1980, will be interviewed by the Parole board and the results should be released by Thursday or Friday... This will be the 7th time Mark David Chapman has be eligible for Parole and will probably be the 7th time he returns to his cell...

My interest in this is a simple question really... What is the difference between this man and the other men who are being interviewed for parole... Why is this man who has only one victim to his claim being kept behind bars indefinitely with only a courtesy interview while men with much more grievous and aggravated crimes in their records being turned back to the streets daily....

It is called Favoritism... It is called Preferential Treatment... When the victim of the crime is someone of renown in the community they throw the book at the criminal. I do not have a problem with them doing that... Throwing the book at a murderer... But if they are going to do it then they should do it across the board... for ALL of the murderers... being uniform in it would make sense. But what is happening today is that public opinions and fan clubs appear to be driving the Criminal Justice system. Or.. maybe the people in the parole office are old Beatles fans?

Whatever the case may be.. I would not bet on Mark David Chapman getting out any time soon. Or any of the other people who have ticked off Celebrities, the Elite or their Families.


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