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John Lennon's Secret Beatle Wife, 1962

Updated on June 6, 2012
John and Cynthia 1961-62
John and Cynthia 1961-62
John and Julian, 1968
John and Julian, 1968
The John Lennon family in 1965
The John Lennon family in 1965
Julian today
Julian today

Her name was Cynthia Powell,a fairly conservative and innocent, rather upper class, student at the Art College had been attending. She had blonde hair and was fairly cute. At first, she did not really like John Lennon much, he seemed like a troublemaker and was rather crude. Yet, as the two got to know one another, she found him extremely witty and engaging. John had not had many girlfriends and Cynthia was a "bird" that really attracted him, a bit snotty, yes, but to John, she was it. The one thing that came out during their dating period that bothered Cyn was John was a jealous guy. He was overly protective of her in public and even if another guy looked at her "the wrong way", John would confront the guy. So, it was often, Cyn would have to pull him away or cuddle John to reassure him that she loved him. This was a product of John's life up to that point: raised by an Aunt, his mom was remarried with kids and then was killed in a car accident. He never knew his dad much being a merchant marine.

By mid-1962, the Beatles were very popular in Liverpool, in fact, there was already a "mild" case of Beatlemania when they played at the Cavern Club. They always had a packed house. Still, there was no record contract. Cyn and John were in love and were having unprotected sex. They were living in a one room apartment and the Beatles were frequently on tour now in parts of England. Already, "dollie girls", or, girl groupies, were stalking the Fab Four. Cyn new what they wanted, so did the Beatles. By August, Cyn had determined she was pregnant. She dreaded telling John. The whole thing was ill-timed. At a dinner, after downing a few drinks, she told John. Amazingly, John was rather cold about it. He simply realized there was nothing to do but get married. What can one do? John really did dread telling his Aunt Mimi, who had raised him and when he did she did what most parents would do-a loud groan of sorrow, telling him he was too young at 22. But again, what else could be done. When Brian Epstein found out, he panicked. He was worried about the image of the band and how the future success might be derailed by having one of them married. Their main fans were girls,after all. So, Brian told John, Cynthia, Paul and George, the wedding had to be a secret. Never talk about it publicly or if Ringo was in the room (he was too new to the band). If it comes up, then, admit it, but when asked, deny it. John then, tried to dodge the questions, he admitted he felt awkward being married at 22 and when the Beatles seem to be a success finally.

The secret wedding was on August 24, 1962. A gray and rainy summer day. John, Cyn, Brian, Paul and George were the only ones standing before the public magistrate. It was a comical affair for near them was a demolition with a jackhammer banging away, so loud, John said he really could not hear the vows. Paul and George tried to keep a straight face. Cyn wore a checkered two piece dress, a hand me down from Astrid Kirchherr, the woman who created their Beatle cut. The others were in suits and ties. It was over within 10 minutes. After the wedding, they all went to Reece's Cafe for some chicken soup. The problem was, it was packed and they waited for 20 minutes. Finally, they were seated and celebrated. Brian paid the tab. That was it,

The Beatles had to play a gig that same night, so any honeymoon was postponed and it seemed liked it never happened. The band was touring for weeks after the wedding and Cyn was alone in the flat. John would pop in once a week for clean clothes. There was no time for a family, the Beatles were on a roll. When the baby boy arrived, they named Julian, Paul was its uncle. John named him after his mother, Julia.

Sadly, Julian grew up like his father. He was seldom around and then after the divorce, never around in 1970s. The Beatles "Hey Jude" was sparked by a conversation Paul had with Julian in 1968. Paul loved being an uncle. Their, "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds" was also sparked by Julian's drawing that John liked. Julian would grow up to have a few hits in the 80's and is in his mid-40's. For many years, he did resent his father for not loving him and being a father.

Full circle.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Having a jackhammer pound while getting married just kills the moment. I've heard Julian Lennon sing and he has a great voice.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Well, hard to tell, but he was a jealous guy and one of his solo LPs has that title of a song. He knew it for sure.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have a troubling suspicion that John meant the lyrics to "Run For Your Life" as more than just dark comedy.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Not a problem, thanks. I still have all the records and even the rare the ones. I think my 13 yr old daughter is the only one of her age group who knows about them, can tell you who they are and knows most of their songs.She grew with up with them also. Funny, her friends ask, who are the Beatles?

    • Conservative Lady profile image


      6 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      Very well written account of John's first marriage and the birth of Julian. I am a bit too young to be a Beattle addict but I do know and enjoy many of their songs. An enjoyable read, thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi, I loved this account of John Lennon's life. I was a Beatle's fan in the 60's I think I must have been around 13 when 'She Loves You' came out; gosh I'm 61 where have the years gone. I had every one of their records EP's and LP's you name it I had it. I foolishly threw them away when they became scratched, if only I'd kept them!

      George was my favourite. My sister saw them perform live in London, she said they were amazing.

      It's still hard to believe that John has gone and I loved his track 'Imagine.'

      You have written this really well and made it so interesting to read.



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