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Strain On Their Relationship! Jon and Kate Plus 8!

Updated on June 22, 2009

Jon and Kate

It seems that now a days everyone is eager to hear about where the story now will go with what is called the new revelations involved in what is being called a scandal. I dont think that you could possibly try to keep something a secret one way or another in what is considered to be a small city or town. In the small community that they live in it appears that everyone knows all about their buisness and that neither one of them was to wary of what they were doing. The sad thing is that the whole time that we are broadcasting what is happening in their relationship no one is thinking about what is happening to the children. The older of all the children goes to a school and is old enough to know and hear what everyone is saying about their parents and this alone is affecting them and how they cope and deal with everything. I truly believe that if you are willing to put all your buisness out on the front lawn then you outa be willing to take the heat with what is being dished out. I dont believe that Jon was intentially looking for some female companionship but rather looking for some just plain old company. It has to be old sitting around conversing with just children and your spouse all day that who wouldnt want to sit back and enjoy a beer or something with someone of your own age bracket that isnt trying to comprehend every little move that is being made all day long. I being a mother and raising a child and is locked up for the most part all day long with a child while my spouse works gets a little tired of the small talk that you have with just your child let alone adding 6 of the same age to who is asking what and why all day long. I would want to get out of the house also to have some adult conversations. Jon just wasnt thinking that his dirty laundry was being aired all over the public tv when he was having his own time away from the camera's at home. I do feel bad for him and feel bad for how it appears that he is treated and I myself if being talked to the way we all see him being treated all the time would actually find some other form of companship also. I dont think this couple is going to be going strong for to long more. As we seen in the season premiere we watched the end where they were asked where they stand now and Kate said she was there. She was here to be with everyone unless her job took her elsewhere but for the most part she was here to be with her family. When it came to Jon he said he is here for his children.


Jon and Kate

Jon and Kate
Jon and Kate

What about the children?

I am a firm believer that if you are sticking around just for the sake of your children you are not doing yourself or your children any favors by just being there. You are showing your kids that it is ok to be emotionally detached from someone and that it is ok to just settle for what you have. You should want to have your children know that the person you are with you cant seem to want to be away from day and night. That when you are away from your spouse for any length of time you find yourself thinkiing about them and thinking about how they are and what they are doing. Not in a sense that you dont trust what they are doing but in the sense that you are just plain thinking of them. That you cant seem to sleep at night unless you have them laying next to you and wake with them in the morning. That if the sun came up and you werent there that it just wouldnt seem to be right. I know that when I am away from my spouse daily I cant help but think of him whether its just once or twice I still think of him. I may not act like I am a loving mate all the time but I am here because I want to be with the man of my dreams on a daily basis. Jon saying that he is here for his kids just makes it sound like he just wants to be in this relationship for his childrens sake and if he left the relationship he wouldnt be there for his kids. It is common that when most men leave the home that the children will be limited on when they will see their father but lets face it Kate isnt going to want to raise this children all by herself whether she has 8 nannies or not. She is going to need all the help she can get from Jon and wont keep him from their kids I dont believe. I know that she appears to be cold hearted most of the time but I do think that she is just putting her self up on a pedestal because she has to protect herself and her kids. I know I wouldnt want to choose to have everything out in the open either and would think that if she did we would know alot more about the couple then what is being leaked out to everyone now. Lets face it we dont live in the year when our parents lived it when there was no such thing as divorce and no woman was allowed to work outside the home. Now it is common in all ages to have a divorce. The rate of divorce now a days is 50 % of couples end up in divorce.  So lets face it he isnt doing anyone any favors by just sticking it out. All the kids are going to be messed up in the head later on if that is the case. I feel so bad for all the kids because right now theyre whole world is being messed up and there is nothing that they can do to fix it. And if they are like the rest of the kids in the world they are all probbly feeling that they did something to cause mommy and daddy to fight and that there is something that they can do to fix it. We have all seen it rather its on tv or the family next door to us. Lets just hope that this might just all blow over and it will come to and end but I really dont think that it wil I do truly believe that we are going to be seeing the end of this show here shortly. That the end of Jon and Kate is right around the corner. They will be nothing more for us to see. Maybe Octomom will be starting her own show here shortly. I dont know if I would watch this show either. Hard to believe that she would be the next mommy to have her family thrown on the cover of all new magazines.

Update: June 22, 2009

It appears that Jon and Kate have come to the aggrement that they will actually announce what we have all known for quite some time that they have in fact seperated. We have been seeing in the news and the tabloids that they have in fact went their own seperate ways and they are just now announcing on tonights episode that they have in fact done so. I have to admit even though I have watched this show for quite some time and know how Kate is as far as the way that she treats Jon, Am surprised to see how upset she appeared on the show tonight. She spoke of breaking down and crying and being not so sure that she does in fact want to seperate. But agrees that she thinks it is now time for them to part and see where things will go. I believe that this will turn into a nasty fight later on. I feel bad for the children the most. They have come accustomed to having mommy and daddy around and will now have to live with what is going to happen next. They said they will try to keep it casual for the children and will try to keep them as close to normal as possiable but who can have that all the time with one parent living in a seperate house let alone a seperate state according to inside edition on tonights show. Apparently Jon has rented a nice condo in the city of NY and is living there for something around three thousand dollars a month. (WOW) Who would have thought he would have moved from good ole Reading PA to NYC. I guess he might want to be around the more extravegant places. I agree with what Jon was saying on the show and that was that once he started putting his feet down his marriage started to fall apart. Once he stopped allowing Kate to walk all over him in the sense is when we started to see things going the wrong way. I think it was high time that Jon grew a pair should I say and stood up for the way he was being treated and the way that he allowed it to continue on. If he would have allowed it any longer who knows what kind of effect it would have had on the children. As it is he has allowed them to see him being mistreated and being spoken to as if he was one of her children as well. I dont believe this show will be on the air much longer and if that is the case lets hope that the children can go on to have a much more normal life.

Thats all for my new update. Thanks

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