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Jonah Hill Funny Man Makes a Mistake

Updated on June 4, 2014

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill mistake
Jonah Hill mistake

Jonah Hill wasn't thinking

Jonah Hill said some pretty nasty stuff to a paparazzo that was following him around. The paparazzo was obviously bothering him but then again that is a part of their job. Jonah Hill trying to get away from the man was unable to gain his freedom and it began to infuriate the actor. The actor then spewed some hate where he told the man to suck his di-- you f'n f-g. Now the gay slur here is really what has caused the commotion. It appears that the man is using the context of word fag as a hateful word. Now, even though he may have meant something rude out of this is not justifiable to say Jonah Hill is anti-gay or someone who is homophobic. Simply the term has been used as an insult. Now it is easy to say that this was the poorest choice of words he could have used on a live media stream. Understandably, some people may have been upset by this, but it's much different then a hate response. You see even though Jonah Hill is being scrutinized for the words he has used, rightfully so, we need to look at this from a broader prospective. Remember that for many years in this country and many others the word fag has been used to insult many. Though this is wrong many people use it and do not truly mean the context of the word. A matter of fact the word fag has really nothing to do with homosexuality in it's origin. Today the word is associated with people who partake in same sex relationships. Think about this though, the word is used in songs and movies to insult someone. Many times though it isn't really an insult about being gay.

The context of words

When someone is insulting someone else they may call them things like bitch, or mother f'er. Though these things have meaning, it isn't always that meaning that makes them insulting. Some words are taken in ways that they are not meant. Bitch is not in most cases referring to a female dog. But we take as a very deep insult meaning many other things from a girl who is mean to a girl who is a common whore. In many cases when we say mother f'er we aren't referring to someone who sleeps with peoples mothers. In many cases that would be a strong and strange insult. No usually when that term is thrown around it is either describing something or to cause anger in another person and let them know you think they are nothing or trash. So lets rationalize a little what is going on here with Jonah Hills outburst again this member of the paparazzi. It appears that Jonah Hill said some rude thing to him but in fact this guy is not a homosexual. Jonah Hill may have told him to do something that would come off as homosexual for one man to do to another, but it really wasn't something to be taken in that manner. Many times ins media we will here things like suck my dick. Usually t doesn't mean literally do that. A lot of time what that means is you are lower then me and I do not care about what you have to say. In sense suck my dick is just put out there to tell an individual to shut up. It is without a doubt a crude thing to say. When later calling the man a fag, I think it is clear that what he is doing is saying, get away from me and stop asking me questions you nobody. Unfortunately, saying things like that don't have the power of using more powerful words.

Jonah Hill explains

Jonah Hill in Russia

Standing up for gay rights in Russia
Standing up for gay rights in Russia

apology on Howard Stern

Jonah Hill is a gay rights activist

Jonah Hill has stood up for gay rights in Russia against a regime that had spread its distaste for it. Jonah Hill let his opinion be known during the Olympic games. He stood up in equality and fairness and pushed his feelings of how he felt it was unfair that homosexuals were going through that kind of hate. Jonah Hill is a much kinder man in real life then some of his roles portray. He is a very funny actor and really great comedian, he really deserves more respect then he gets. Now that he has angered a group of people though, he was very quick to apologize. There was no hesitation and he knew that saying something of that magnitude would upset a lot of people. In many cases though, I feel the media targeted him with this. They made seem as if he was hateful toward the gay community and I feel like it is much more apparent that he is not. Jonah Hill as established apologies on the web and taken it as far as The Howard Stern Show to apologize. The big question though is are the people of homosexual origin upset. Honestly, there hasn't been backlash from the gay community and Jonah Hill has still made his business to issue and apology. It appears that he has a strong conscience and really doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I think it really is safe to say that he did not mean any harm from what he has said in the past. He is a proud supporter of gar marriage and really has no hatred toward that community. I personally feel he is getting a bad wrap for everything due to his status symbol as a celebrity. This is by far a completely different situation then the article I have written about Donald Sterling. Now that man offended a group of people meaning to be racist and still hasn't issued a real apology. In my opinion Jonah Hill is really going out there to make amends for what he did. Jonah Hill has a strong amount of regret in his voice when he speak about the situation. Again, this really is nothing like the Donald Sterling situation.

Forgiveness is ok here

I think people should forgive Jonah Hill for this slip of the tongue because this wasn't suppose to be a slur toward gays. This was meant to be an insult toward a man who was really upsetting the young actor. It's undisclosed what kind of things were said off camera to upset Jonah Hill as this Paparazzo has. In that their is surely a good reason to why the actor spoke with the words he did. I think it is safe to say that Jonah Hill won't be saying anymore gay slurs. He is young man of character and intellect. The mans job is to make people laugh. He isn't the kind of guy who says jokes about a select group. He's the kind of guy who makes fun of everyone equally. I haven't watched a movie where I felt he had stepped over the line and quite frankly saying something like this though regrettable is really not said in the type of meaning that it is being received. Jonah Hill doesn't seem like the kind of guy who hates anyone of any race creed religion or sexual preference. The guy seems very equal rights for everyone. Thus I find it necessary for people to forgive him. He really is not a man of hate. Think about how many times he has said things in the sake of comedy that could be taken as an insult, again he is a comedian. Lets just say forgiveness is key here.

Jonah Hill gay slur

Should Jonah hill be forgiven?

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Some people wont forgive so quickly

upset with Jonah Hill
upset with Jonah Hill


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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      What you say is true, again, if he didn't seem apologetic or like it was words rather then meaning, I would not be on his side but in this case it seems to be more an insult spewed with no real meaning behind it.

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 3 years ago from Arizona

      We are human and make mistakes. Obviously some comments are more hurtful than others, but in general, I think we need to lighten up. There are much more important things in the world to be concerned with.

    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Of course, he seems very innocent, he deserves a slap on the wrist and to wise up which I think he is.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Well, I happen to think the man is funny and talented and is regretting his mistake. Look at all of the other crazy actors and politicians, etc with their comments. I recall Mitt Romney making comments about the lower class while someone secretly taped him. That is a prime example.

    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Yes their is no denying he made a huge mistake, but I think people will forgive him. Thank you guys for commenting. Msdora he's in a lot of comedies like 21 jump street, knocked up, superbad, etc. they are very crude comedies.

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 3 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      There is a marked difference in my mind between the "Jonah Hills" and the "Donald Sterlings".

      I believe that people's views are their own, whether we view those views as right or wrong. This includes politics, religion and sex.

      When folks are in a position of limelight or even authority / leadership, there is no escape from scrutiny and accountability for slurs of any kind.

      Everyone is human, no doubt. Some folks have more of an ability to "think twice" after one incident. I still think Jonah Hill is funny - Donald Sterling, not so much.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughtful perceptions of this incident.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Don't know the man at all, but thanks for introducing him. Unfortunate situations are a part of life, and everyone needs forgiveness at some time. Thanks for the story.

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 3 years ago from Davao City

      And I really believed he is Holywood's sweetheart. hahaha..Well, we can't simply judge him by that since we don't know him personally. For me, it's normal to have that one moment where you are simply too full to keep a surge of emotions. It just happened that he is a movie personality and everything he does particularly nasty ones will be spread worldwide in a matter of minutes. I hope this incident won't affect his good career that much. Thanks for sharing this hub!