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Jonas Brothers 3D Movie

Updated on February 28, 2009

Dare to Compare?

 The long awaited film, Jonas Brothers 3D has finally arrived. The Jonas Brothers, in case you are not parents of a 8-15yr old girl, are three brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, in a rock band. Their ages range from 16-21. Their music pop rock with that angst sound in their vocals that conveys a sort of sexy pain to the girl fan base. Their songs are written by them. Their sound is hard edge rock\pop some of the time on the usual topics regarding love and relationships.

It would only be a matter of time until Disney sponsered a film of them because they are a product of the Disney teen music machine, which started with Lizzie McQuire aka Hilary Duff, then Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), then Demi Lovato. Each had their own TV show at some point or still has. Even JB will have their own TV show soon. The amount of money Miley Cyrus earns a year is a staggering $20 million, not bad for a 16 yr old.

The JB 3-D movie pulls out all the stops. I found it more like a documentary or a "day in the life" of the group with gimmicks using 3D, which were pretty awesome as a viewer. What one gets from the movie is that for a select group, it is like a "mini-Beatlemania", complete with screaming girls willing to sell all just to touch one. At least in the US, there does seem to be a universal type frenzy for them at their concerts, slightly more tame than the Fab 4 and reserved. One scene in the movie can either be viewed as a tribute or a rip off The Beatles' "A Hard Days' night". It is the scene of girls chasing the JB down the way. It is odd to watch this as you instantly do a comparison between the two and the JB version seems to be staged, but then, so was the Beatles in the film. That is the difference. The Beatles literally had such frenzy follow them where ever they went with much, much larger groups of girls. So much, police were called in. Here, with JB, the effect is the same yet kind of on the same level as The Monkees (who had their own TV show in the 60s) as bogus. Staged.

The movie covers their concert with Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and demi Lovato, all Disney promos, and all quite popular with that age group. Also, unlike both of the Beatle's movies where there were huge crowds just to get in, waiting for hours, there was none of that for JB. In fact, I was totally shocked not to see that! Maybe JB is not as big as the media is making it seem.

Are they big in the UK? Just another band? Is there a frenzy there? Anywhere else but the US?

They do have good songs, like Love Bug or SOS, all pay tribute to previous rock songs, whether it is riff on the guitar, the melody, harmonizing in the fashion of John and Paul (two singers, one microphone). It seems in every song, there is something I have heard somewhere before.

The movie reviews gave it a one star unless you are 8-15 yrs. and a girl. I give it two stars. While there is no plot, the 3D effects are gimmickery but they do work for a movie. They are fun to watch and I like the mini-Beatlemania thing happening, it is refreshing to see that frenzy over something happen again.

But, 20 years from now, JB will not be known. The Beatles, like Beethoven, will still be alive in music and film.


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