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Jordan Peele’s “Us” Review

Updated on October 27, 2020
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


The movie, 'Us' is a horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele. It’s hit the theater on March 22, 2019. It's a Universal Pictures, rated R, and the runtime is 120 minutes. The main cast consists of Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide Wilson, and Red, Shahadi Wright Joseph as Zora Wilson, and Umbrae, Winston Duke as Gabe Wilson, and Abraham, Evan Alex as Jason Wilson, and Pluto.

“Us” hit the theater and did very well in its first weekend. The film cost Jordan Peele an estimated $20 million to produce, but it opens up with a bang with around $70 million at the box office. Making “US” the biggest horror movie to hit the box office for any scary movie ever.

"Us" is one of the scariest movies because it consists of a lot of disasters that almost impossible to escape. As you watch, it feels as if the fear will never go away as there's are a much scarier thing to come. It really caught my attention when it quotes the Bible verse, Therefore this is what the Lord says: ‘I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.” - Jeremiah 11:11. In fact, the Bible verse appears two different times before crucial moments.

The movie, "Us" is about an African American family named the Wilson, Adelaide Wilson played by Lupita Nyong'o is haunted by a traumatic experience from her past, her worst fears turn into a reality when strangers drop in, forcing "Adelaide" and the family to fight for survival. When the Wilson view the face of the trespassers lined up across their driveway, they see their creepy smiles, they are horrified to notice that each one look just like their stunt doubles.

The Wilson family immediately learned their intruders’ divine purpose was centered all around “Killing" and danger. So much occurred until when the crisis is all over, you’re left at a happy feeling of relief throughout the movie.

Just as you try to get to know and enjoy the main characters, the Wilson. The mysterious characters, the Tethered shows up to turn the Wilson family life upside down. The ambiguous characters help enrich the film’s and If you haven't seen the film, it’s a must-see because you are missing out on one of the best horror movies ever.

The movie shows that Peele is a writer and a director with a vivid imagination. His great writing ability definitely leaves viewers on the edge of their seat. And it’s no doubt Peele has written a hit and created a horror movie with a team of incredible talent.

“Us “is a movie that is surrounded by horror, excitement and arouses fear, it leaves people feeling nervous and unsettled as it is built on so many layers that it may take multiple views to face your worst fears. Peele movie gives the viewers a lot to talk about, and he’s given observers all the material needed to consider and think, how hard it can be to live and struggle to break free of the darker sides of an unjust world.


The beginning scene where the Wilson family goes to Santa Cruz for a vacation after a few scares and some strange events on the beach leaves the family feeling frightened, too nervous about going back, so they return home away from it all. They find strangers standing in their driveway. The way Peele starts the movie off is a little blah, but as the movie continues, it picks ups, lots of excitement, and scary moments that give viewers the major reasons they go to see a scary movie is to be scared.

Although, I must admit there was some powerful scene in the opening that can leave you scared out of your wits and there were a few scenes that I felt had no known purpose at all, to try not to say too much for someone who has not seen the movie and plans to go see it, overall, if you are a person who loves to go see horror and have a relatively calm sensation that craves to see a scary movie, “Us” is the movie for you.

If you are the person who has a great need for thrills, horror, and excitement, “Us” is the movie. It’s the movie you will purchase the DVD and watch over and over to appreciate the excitement, the way your hearts will probably pound harder, and how your nervous system will require periodic revving.

This movie is a wonderful movie, but it is not a film for a young child under 13. Throughout this movie, there’s a lot of violence that comprises stabbing and cutting with scissors, and much choking. Some languages are very inappropriate for a minor and it’s a very scary movie that comprises killing and a lot of blood-shedding. It is a movie that will give young children nightmares.

I have seen a lot of scary movies from a different director like Steven Spielberg, Wes Craven, Steven King, and even Alfred Hitchcock, but Jordan Peele stands out on his own and his movie “Us” has a twist that jumps out at the audience and leaves them afraid and gasping for breath.

I feel they center the storyline on the “tethered” doppelgangers stalking Adelaide Wilson and her family. A few of the questions that left me asking myself after the movie.
After Jason (Evan Alex) was kidnapped, did Jason switch places with Pluto, his Tether look alike?

As the family was fighting with their doubles, Zora runs away from her look-alike. She thinks her ahead of her double Umbrae, but she jumps on top of a car. A neighbor interferes just to be murdered with scissors Zora runs on, or did she, maybe it was Umbrae who escaped and Zora killed the neighbor it left me wondering?

When Jordan Peele was writing “Us,” he wrote a scene on a government shutdown where the Tether experiment was abandoned and their existence was forgotten, which lead them to live underground without light, I wondered if he was thinking of the ignored Americans whom the Government neglect today?


Lupita Nyong'o played Adelaide Wilson and Red, she was the hero in the movie, and Peele attempt to explain the strangeness of Adelaide’s starting point, but the way the movie end, I was left questioning if the lady who started off as “Adelaide” were really “Red,” was there a switch between Adelaide and Red years ago?

The reason being is the Hands Across America shirt is one clue and that "Red" is the only one that speaks English underground is another sign they switch places years ago when they met in the carnival maze.

On the contrary, the experience was so horrified to “Adelaide” from the enslavement down below that she suffers memory loss. When the two meet up again and fought “Adelaide” remembered, she grew up in slavery underground, so I wonder who is the victim and who’s the imposter.

Have you seen Jordan Peele new horror movie "Us?" After viewing this film, you will NEVER be able to look at scissors the same ever again. The "Us” character used them in a way no one could have ever imagined, a lot of stabbing leaving a long blood trail. And the way those scissors were pushed into different counterparts’ and throats was packed with a very scary image.

The ending displayed that Adelaide has protected her family and put an end to the danger Red posted, but will she be content with the realism of what she did to Red? Or will it be even more problematic for her, that’s another question I ask myself and it’s something to think about.

When the movie end, I was left feeling as if I was on the edge and sitting at the edge of my seat, I appreciated the magnitude of what Peele set out to achieve and I give Jordan Peele two thumbs ups, and as Roger Ebert, I give the movie four out of four stars. What are your thoughts on the movie? Were you left full of questions as I was with the ending of Us? Leave your thoughts and comments below, I would love to know what you think of Jordan Peele horror film, “US.”

Jordan Peele’s “Us” Reviews

I feel Jordan Peele's "Us" is one of the best horror movies to hit the box office for any scary movie ever, do you agree?

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