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Joseph Morgan: Rise to Fame

Updated on August 24, 2012

There is that actor that you see every once in a while that will absolutely wow you--even if they’re just on a show as a guest star. The person who takes the award for that particular feat in 2011/2012 years would be Joseph Morgan. His face is relatively new on the American screen, but he’s fast becoming popular after a stint on the TV show The Vampire Diaries as Klaus, one of the original vampires. He was only scheduled to do 4 episodes at the end of the show’s season 2, but was so good in his role that he was cast as a regular in the show’s third season. Although the show’s producers wrote his character to die at the end of the third season at first, they decided to keep him on yet again for additional episodes during the show’s season 4 run. How many episodes are we going to get to see him in? Only time will tell, but the majority of the show’s fans want to see him stay right where he is; or at the very least on a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries starring the remaining members of the original vampire families (hint hint Julie Plec). As a huge fan of the show, I never thought they should keep the Originals tethered to Mystic Falls, but I do think that there’s enough of a story behind the brothers and sister of the Original fam to carry on with their own show. Just suggesting…and wishing.

Back to Joseph Morgan.

After cruising youtube after finding out who he was, it seems he not only has skills as a vampire/werewolf hybrid, but in his other roles as well like the one he played in Casualty. You can also catch him with an American accent in the film Angels Crest (warning: this film will have you bawling). He’s also been in the film Alexander and acted on the UK television show Hex.

One of his upcoming projects, which he’s been teasing about on his Twitter for the last couple of months, is what we assume to be the low budget indie flick Revelation. There is also another film he wrote and directed titled Hands that streams online. Warhouse is also one to watch and its premise looks intriguing.

Aside from his work projects, he is also a supporter of the charity Positive Women. Instead of birthday presents being sent to him by his fans this past year he asked them to give to the charity. So on top of being talented and handsome, he has a good heart as well.

I think he’s on his way up the Hollywood ladder and on to greatness. He made a big splash in a small exclusive pond in a relatively short amount of time and it won’t be long before other producers, directors and casting agents start recognizing him and we see him in more movies and on more TV shows.

I say this last part with confidence: I hate to see the day/episode when Joseph Morgan is no longer on TVD, but I also seriously doubt when Klaus leaves Mystic Falls that it will be the last we see of Joseph Morgan. I think we’re seeing a legend in the making.


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