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Josh Whedon's Brilliant Age of Ultron Movie Review....

Updated on May 2, 2015

Josh Whedon's Brilliant Age of Ultron Movie Review....

Right off the bat, I must confess that I am biased when it comes to Josh Whedon and his artistic work - be it as a writer or director; from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel, Mr. Whedon has been entertaining audiences for quite some time and has now graduated to the silver screen. Moreover, Mr. Whedon, even though he may not know it, contributed to the social dialogue because long ago he breached the racist norms by going against the ingrained taboo by allowing interracial hook-ups between Black men and White women in his Tele-Series, but I digress. On Mr. Whedon's second go around in directing The Avengers, The Age of Ultron, he more than delivers again by weaving his gifts of story- telling without giving the many characters that make up The Avengers short-shrift and kinetic action sequences.

The plot of the Age of Ultron is about our bloody human history and our warp speed journey to the end-of-days. Our efforts to thwart or start wars have manifested in strategies like the world war two mutually assured destruction and preemptive war the latter embraced by the Neo-cons. These are the debates that are forefront in the Age of Ultron and their respective consequences and the characters, like human beings, are caught up in which stratagem can protect the human race from annihilation. It is our failure to secure such a lasting peace why Ultron feels the urgent need to resolve the issue, even if billions have to pay the ultimate price - of course, our self annihilation comes piece-meal, while Ultron wants to usher in our demise in one-fell-swoop.

Here, I must pause and digress a little... though such digression is borne out of the well written, balanced script. For example, just how I am a devout Jesus' Freak so it is that Mr. Whedon a devout atheist, yet there were so many Biblical references in the movie that I stopped counting. Another aspect was my wondering if the audience was sophisticated enough to know about the historical references... such as 'peace in our time' (this was where the English statesman, Neville Chamberlain basically gave Hitler carte blanche to invade and annex half of Europe), and Spader's Ultron character parroting Christ Jesus' words to Peter: "Upon this rock I shall build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail."

Speaking of James Spader, as recently as last night, I was watching him doing his usual stellar acting in his second year Tele-series, The Black List; and, it is a wonder to see Mr. Spader as the bad guy playing the character, Ultron. What is so amazing about Mr. Wheedon's auteur work and Mr. Spader's acting, with both working in tandem, is that, anyone familiar with Mr. Spader's acting ticks would recognize him as the voice behind Ultron, notwithstanding the fact that Ultron is basically an advanced computer housed in a steel armor. No one can deliver a line that connotes so many feelings at once like Mr. Spader - think of Joe Pesci's character in Goodfellas asking the ambivalent, consequential query: do I amuse you... - these feelings can run the gamut from laugh-out loud humor to bone tundra-chilling frights - sometimes, one of Spader's lines can be a confluence of all these emotions.

I have to be very careful in not giving away too much of the plot of the Age of Ultron, but the action sequences are filling. There are scenes among the Avengers fighting over which strategy to employ and the very battle one envisioned as a boy comes to life when you see the Hulk fighting Iron Man or yearning to see Captain America take on Iron Man. With all that testarone spectacle, I still enjoy most seeing the characters of the Avengers who do not have super powers doing their thing. Once again, the Black Widow's fighting and holding her own among brutes always makes her stands out. There is nothing more eye watering than seeing the Black Widow disembarking from the Avenger's jet un top a motor circle, while maneuvering out of harm's way at break-neck speed.

All that one can think of to be part of a movie is present in the Age of Ultron, especially of import is the continuation of plotlines from the past Marvel movies. Take for instance, the famous twins who shows up in the Age of Ultron to wreak sweet action packed havoc or the Hulk going postal for all the civilian world to see or seeing that one of the Avengers owning a home with all of the proverbial Americana trimmings of 'white picket fence and apple pie too' or seeing the calm, cucumber-cool swagger of Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal of Nick Fury. The humor of the movie is well paced and comes at the right juncture of the movie like seeing Captain America's taking offense to the usage of profanity. I could give you some of the soon to be iconic lines used by James Spader, but I want them to be cold and dank surprises... and lest we forget, how is Stanley will show up in this movie. For the average comic book fan, we are indeed living in interesting times.


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