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Judge Dredd Doles Out Post Apocalyptic Justice...

Updated on July 16, 2013

Judge Dredd Doles Out Post-Apocalyptic Justice…

I did not intend to watch the new Judge Dredd movie but because the movie I intended to see was playing at a later time and I was tired from work I took the chance. I had seen the Sylvester Stallone version as a young man … the one with Rob Schneider as the comic relief and enjoyed it for what it was; however, the new Dredd, played by Karl Urban, was a pleasant surprise and could have been more so if it were not for the gratuitous bloodletting, which I will discus later. This new Judge Dredd is a futuristic Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry… armed with the overly lethal amenities to mete out justice and mete out justice this Dredd does. Dredd does his thing in a Post-Apocalyptic world that looks like certain enclaves in Brooklyn’s East-New-York or Los Angeles, only that the Judges, including Dredd, are not afraid to trespass.

Among Dredd’s area of jurisdiction is an area run by a ruthless gangstress, played by Lena Headley, who was an ex prostitute and whose growing legend of how she climbed the ladder to murder incorporated is Arctic-like chilling and funny at the same time. Let me just say that every guy who hears what this bad girl did to her pimp will cover his crotch reflexively and cringed in the process of imagining that kind of surgery done without the skilled hands of some surgeon down in Brazil where those surgeries are renowned. I also like how the bogus sociological copious reasons and excuses why criminals commit heinous crimes did not prevent Dredd from exacting justice on our bad girl ex-hooker or her gang members.

Apparently, whatever happened to usher in the Judges also must have brought Shakespeare’s edict to fruition to kill all the lawyers… the latter who would have spout some restrictive Amendment to thwart the painful justice that was owed to the criminals. Karl Urban’s Dredd has the right monotone voice to narrate the action in his dogged, frightening vision of administering justice, which is even more frightening even for innocents or his rookie female partner who happens to be a psychic. We see Dredd’s rookie partner at work when Dredd apprehends a murderous perpetrator and does not carry out the usual customary summary execution because of what the perpetrator might know about a new lethal narcotic and moreover his female boss. The perpetrator knowing that Dredd’s rookie partner, played with pent-up anger by Olivia Thirlby, is a gifted psychic, tries to match his twisted murderous, perverted mind to that of the rookie - it is cool to see inside both minds and watch the fireworks - you are going to be laughing and clapping when you see what happened to the perpetrator while literally playing mind games. As for Urban’s Dredd… he is coldly convincing and if one did not know better, he or she would think that Dredd was mimicking The Terminator… there is even a similar scene in the new Dredd movie when we see Dredd performing painful surgery on himself. The difference is that in the original Terminator movie… there was flesh over the exoskeleton unlike Dredd that is all human - but just as cold and almost as void of emotions as Schwarzenegger’s Terminator.

The action is frantic and frenetic like the modern video games in that genre and the perpetrators are so utterly without redemption that you are happy when they meet their gruesome demise. As a student of the Bible, I know God utilized Judges to mete out justice and the most lethal of them all was probably the strongman, Sampson… whose killing of the Philistines with an asses’ jawbone must have been bloodily gruesome, but no more so than the violence in the new Judge Dredd movie, especially seen in lingering slo-mo 3D. Perhaps, it is my being in my forties, but the violence is gratuitous in the Dredd movie for even someone like myself who have worked in a hospital or have been in the Army and seen the many faces of death. I have a feeling that the Dredd will be back, especially if the box office receipts are good.


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