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Just a One Man Band

Updated on February 2, 2012
My good ole' Jackson
My good ole' Jackson | Source

I've been a musician playing in bands off and on for 25 years or so. Luckily I haven't been arrested for sticking my finger out of my pants' zipper like Jim Morrison of The Doors, overdosed on drugs like at least a couple dozen other musicians, or shot to death while playing on stage like Dimebag Darrel of Pantera and Damage Plan. It has been quite a ride though. I will say that.

My first actual band was a rock band in 1988. I played bass. We practiced in the warehouse of the guitarist's father. It was a learning experience, both in playing with other musicians and in dealing with the politics of the boys in the band. I did well at the former lesson, but the latter was what I failed at. Those were good times though.

My latest endeavor which was an 80s metal retro band, had a good start then sort of fizzled out. The energy dwindled, and for me interest suddenly lost. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the enthusiasm, and find the time to play like I used to. Band members' priorities change. The music takes a back seat to work, kids, skiing, the Denver Broncos games etc.... So now I find myself wanting to do more, go at it again. For at least this moment, I'm a one man band.

I saw a metal band called Machinery Cell. There were two guys on stage. They prerecorded the drums, and bass. One of the guys sang and another played guitar. I had a "Eureka" moment. If they can do it with two guys, I can do it with one. How about that? So I set about the recording process. I never did get around to setting this up live. I found just recording and putting the songs on the internet was quite rewarding, if not monetarily, then with personal satisfaction.

Making a living at music just doesn't happen to everyone, and certainly not me most of the time. I did put on a solo tour from Arizona to Florida one year though. It was profitable. Let's see, I won a guitar contest in Arizona, played from there through Texas, wound up hitting New Orleans, took a slight detour through Memphis (highly recommended by the way,) played a "rainy night in Georgia" (litterally- it was raining hard that night,) and woke up in Central Florida one morning. I decided touring was too rough for me. Florida was going to be home for a bit.

The cool thing is that in modern times with the ease of recording through software on computers, it's fairly easy to do. I simply overdub the tracks of various instruments (which is done in most modern studios anyway,) For pieces I need some percussion on, I can use programmed drums. See my hub entitled Create Beats With Hydrogen Drum Machine. Put it on Reverb Nation or some other site that hosts live streams of the music and there you go. Promote them on FaceBook and other social networking sites. You're a one man (or woman) band band too.


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

      White Summer. I have several Hubs about the band under that name. Thanks for asking. :)

    • Portamenteff profile image

      Portamenteff 5 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

      What's the name of the band?

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

      I enjoyed your fine story. I played in rock bands from 1966 to 1991. I still play once every other year at my old group's reunion concert.

      Thank you for publishing this interesting Hub.