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Justin Bieber Birthday or Christmas Gifts

Updated on December 12, 2012

Bieber Fever - It's All Around Us

We have all heard of him, Justin Bieber, the teen sensation taking over almost every teenage girls bedroom walls, lockers, wardrobe, etc. But what do you buy his biggest fans for Christmas??

There are so many different things to choose from - Tshirts , posters, necklaces, calendars...the list goes on and on. But, don't go freaking out just yet!!

Here I have added a few things that I think would be some great gifts for any fan and to also make your shopping list a little easier.

The Justin Bieber fan in your life will love you for it!!

Justin Bieber Large Cutout Stand Up Poster

Now, they can have a life size cut-out, stand up poster of Justin Bieber to put wherever they want!!  This life size poster is a HUGE!

  •  Stands nearly 6 feet tall!
  •  This Justin Bieber poster is mounted to heavy duty cardboard.
  •  Comes to you folded and is easily assembled.
  •  Great for mounting to a wall or door, or it can be displayed free standing with the included easel.
  •  Perfect for any Justin Bieber fan!

Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

Are you a true Justin Bieber Fan? Do you think you know all there is to know about Justin Drew Bieber? Well, here are some interesting facts about the singing sensation taking the world by storm.

  1. He is now listed as one of the 10 Youtube Stars of the Decade.
  2. His favorite color is purple.
  3. He is very fluent in French
  4. His idol is Wayne Gretzky
  5. He loves to beatbox and is very good at it
  6. He is an Honor Student with a 4.0 grade average.
  7. He is left-handed
  8. He plays guitar, trumpet, piano and drums
  9. He started drumming at the age of two
  10. Both Usher and Justin Timberlake wanted to sign Justin - Usher won

Justin Bieber - First Step To Forever
Justin Bieber - First Step To Forever

Justin Bieber - First Step To Forever

Justin Bieber has written a book, telling you HIS story.

From growing up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada to how he has become such a HUGE global sensation, which seems like overnight!

Hear his story on how his mother posted all of his videos on Youtube and how he was signed by Usher, all by the age of thirteen.

His very first album, My World, was certified Platinum in just a short 3 month time frame. He was also has the first debut album to have seven songs place on the Billboard Top 100 list. His second album, My World 2.0, debut at number 1 and has since gone on to sell more than 5 million copies in just a short time frame.

Any Justin Bieber fan would want to add this book to their collection!!

Justin Bieber New Video!!! Beauty and the Beat


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