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Updated on March 29, 2014

Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon

It’s like The WZRD, Kid CUdi is still in full orbit. The Cleveland MC never fails in recreating a vivid self- spacey immaculate album; where he packed his most inner feelings into a perfectly prolific piece. Cudi stated this to be his “Best Work”, and If you are a true, thorough Kid Cudi fan you will love it. Many projected a similar vibe of “Man on the Moon I & II”; but indeed “Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon” presented a whole other dimension of his obscenely intense creations. Three of the songs are solely filled with exclusive intergalactic instrumentals but speaks volumes. He begins with Destination: Mother Moon; which introduces you to the deep futuristic heart-felt vibe of the entire album. Originally The EP, which Cudi said formed a life of its own was released as a full length10-Tracked Album, Including the track that we are well familiar with “Satellite Flight”, which was dropped in December 2013. The LP sets you up for “Man on the Moon III”; where he continues his journey as a young man who will come and save the universe from all forces of evil; and If you haven’t noticed the insanely innovative planetary Cover Art, well look again because it was Designed by yours truly Kid Cudi.

“Going to the Ceremony” is the second track, and starts with a voice highlighting the probability of life existing on the moon which is the theme of the whole album. “Internal bleeding” has to be one of the best on the Compilation; and one we can all relate to; it literally speaks for itself. Where you can hear the MC crying out that his heart is leaking, he has tried it all, but he can’t stop this internal bleeding; symbolizing a deep wound that is almost impossible to fix. “In My Dreams 2015” has to be the most futuristic, in fact the track is a min and 46 seconds long and will take you to another planet altogether.

Too bad I have to destroy you now” is clearly a standout and one of my personal favorites; where he pours it all out. Cudi sings ‘Middle finger up to the people who don’t like you’ and talks about being rebooted and rejuvenated. All that he has and provides for is his mother and daughter. Not to mention the fact that it seems No one wants a Trouble Boy. “Trouble Boy” being his last track leaving us wanting more. The self-explanatory song has us engulfed even with few lyrics, but it drills the intensity of the title “Trouble Boy”.

The entity of Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon” is unearth bound. Cudi put out an album that probably no other MC could fully visualize and make a success. The WZRD makes sure he comes up with a new concept, a new vibe but still stay on course, connecting his current album to previous ones. - Sarah A.

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