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Updated on September 23, 2009


My Review from a lifelong fan

Here I am almost 40 years old and I am excited as a kid at Christmas. Ever since I was 9 years old and first heard "KISS ALIVE II" I have been a true DIE HARD KISS FAN! Yes, I even had a fanzine "Psycho Babble" and a small business selling KISS videos. If you are also a long time fan, you may remember me "Domino Video". Well, when KISS started to release the videos on their own, all of us video guys went out of business. It was OK though as I did it for fun. I had a passion for the band that got me through my childhood, teens and now my adult life.

When I am down I can always throw on a KISS Cd and my spirits lift. These days I love all kinds of music but KISS will always hold a place near and dear to my heart. When I heard they were working on a NEW CD with NEW material I freaked. At the same time I said to myself "It will probably suck". The last time they did this big hoopla was for "Psycho Circus" which was an over produced polished turd with 2 or 3 good songs. Yea, I love KISS but I can also critisize them as well!

But really, now that I think back, Psycho Circus was actually pretty good. Yea, it was over produced and too slick but it had some winners like the title track, "Within", "Into The Void"...but it lacked REAL winners. I must admit though, that title track "Psycho Circus" IS one of my favorite KISS songs. BUT overall, the Album was weak and rushed. 

In fact, KISS has had MANY turds with 1-2 good songs and then the typical Gene Simmons filler songs. Albums like "Unmasked", "Hot In The Shade" and others were made just for the quick cash IMO. In the 80's Simmons was NOT in to the band at all and it showed. Just look at his songs on "Animalize", "Asylum" and even "Lick It Up" - mostly ALL filler material. 

Before writing this review I sat in my home for three days and listened to EVERY KISS CD there is (with original songs, no best of or live discs) and I am here to tell you that SONIC BOOM is  up there with the best, if not THE best! OH, the blasphemy! Better than "Rock and Roll Over"? Better than "Destroyer"? Better than "Love Gun" and "Revenge"? Well, to this 30+ year fans ears, YES. 

Let me explain...

When I was 9 and I heard Alive II and Rock and Roll Over I was blown away. I played those albums on my cheapie record player until the grooves wore out. Songs like "Take Me", "Mr. Speed" and "Calling Dr. Love" were my favorites but I also loved just about EVERY song on that album! When I listened to it yesterday I was a bit let down. Today they are still great songs but when you listen side by side with "SONIC BOOM" it is clear that KISS has matured and they sound even better today than back then. 

Listening to "Dr. Love" from RARO and then listening to "Nobodys Perfect" from SONIC BOOM made me realize that these new KISS songs are indeed special. Damn, I cant get that song out of my head! "No no nobody's perfect, may may maybe I come awfully close" - that line will get in your head. Just wait. :)

So after listening to every KISS CD and then SONIC BOOM.... I am here to tell you that TODAY, KISS is back and they are freaking back with a vengeance! These classic rockers have just put out what I feel is one of their best CD's EVER. Yes, EVER. When you buy it give it THREE full listens and you will be HOOKED. After about 8 listens you will be wearing out your CD player. 



OK, on to my review...track by track

What you came here for, the full review:

MODERN DAY DELILAH - This is the song that KISS has released already and it rocks! Straight ahead grooving, sweaty rock and roll. The biggest surprise I got from this track was A: Pauls vocals are freaking RIGHT ON! and B: Tommys solo is kick ass. You already heard this song so you know it already. KISS is back, but its not really the 70's KISS but more of a mix of Revenge era and 80's KISS. It is the most modern sounding song on the CD AND is getting radio airplay across the USA. Amazing for KISS. Last I checked it was #14 on the rock charts and climbing. Modern sound.

RUSSIAN ROULLETE - Genes turn and man oh man! I gave him a lot of SHITE for his 80's CRAP but from the sounds of this, he is back. His growl, his groan and his power is here for a chest thumping rampage of sound. Another A+ Solo from Tommy. Very catchy song. Rhythm extreme and one that makes for a great 2nd track following up Delilah. The beginning sounds errily like "Love's A Deadly Weapon" from Asylum but the similarities end there. This song grows on you big time. LOVE the chorus. Another big time winner! 70's sounding.

NEVER ENOUGH - Here is the 80's sound I was talking about but you know what? IT WORKS! This is a rocker and I can see them playing this one live on tour. A very positive KISS feel good song and that is what KISS is known for. Way to go, so far three winners. Does this CD REALLY have NO filler?? Only negative on this one..the verse sounds similar to a poison song "Nothing But A Good Time". As a matter of fact, if I were Bret Michaels I could accuse Stanley of stealing the tune. BUT upon further research it appears POISON stole that riff from KISS so Paul takes it back and creates a very catchy, if not 80's sounding song. 80's sounding.

YES I KNOW (NOBODYS PERFECT) - Gene is back up and I am digging the way they are taking turns here, just like the old days. Powerful, sweet sounding and yes, it rocks. Wow, this one will get in your head. A winner and probably the most 70's like of the songs. NO scratch that, it IS the 70's sound from Rock and Roll over, just with better production. Currently my fave for the day. It is insanley catchy. No no nobodys perfect! I can see this as a single!! 70's sounding. 

STAND - Man, what happened? KISS had this music in them all this time and took this long to release it? What the hell!! Man, 5 big time winners in a row. Remember, I am a guy who bashed Psycho Circus, and other past albums. I am a huge lifelong fan and I am telling you, KISS is back. This song is a little out of place on THIS disc and sounds like a stanley solo offering BUT I love it as did I love most of "Live To Win". Its an anthem and Gene and Paul take turns at the mic. In the middle you get some of the "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" flavor. Another one of my faves but it took 4-5 listens for that to happen. 80's-90's sounding.

HOT AND COLD - We need more cowbell! Ha, this one get back to rocking and grooving. Not the best track on the disc but not a filler song either. Great work from Tommy here. I will go on record and say this is the weakest song on the CD and probably should of been nixed to make it an even solid to the core 10 song disc. BUT I am not saying this is filler because it will also get in your head with repeated listens. It blows away Genes 80's efforts like "Murder In High Heels" or "Dance All Over Your Face" - 70's sounding. 

ALL FOR THE GLORY - Eric Singer takes over here and he can sing. His drums drive the beat and this one needs to be turned up loud. Again, great track but I am more of a Stanley guy. He did write this but not so sure how I feel about this one. Still, Tommy shows his skill. See if you can notice a bit of "escape from the island" in the solo. I did. 90's/modern sounding

DANGER US - PAUL kicks ass here. Energy, spirit and the groove is infectious. Love the freaking vocals from Paul here. ENERGY. 80's sounding (creatures)

I'M AN ANIMAL - CLASSIC Gene here and one of the coolest on the disc, but then again, they are ALL great tracks! This one also has the energy, the charisma and the hook that WILL hook you. Man...could this be the best ROCK CD EVER? Dont mess with Gene, he's an Animal. This is probably one of Genes strongest songs EVER. No, its not balls to the wall like Unholy but its got a beat and rhythm that just gets your fist pounding. Gene is BACK. 80's/90's sounding (Lick It Up/Revenge-ish)

WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES - Tommy gets to sing on this one with tons of GREAT guitar work. All I can say on this one is its another rocker. Not my fave, but Tommy deserved a song and he CAN sing. This one is growing on me more and more. 70's/80's sounding.

SAY YEAH - AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING CD closer. A classic. Paul does all of the vocal tricks and it works. Perfect and memorable. Just wait till you hear it! An anthem and I can see them playing this live, maybe song #2. SAY YEA! YEA YEA YEA! SAY YEAAAA! YEA YEA YEA! In a class of its own but more 90's/2000's sounding.

What can I say. This is up their with their best EVER. As a fellow KISS Army Soldier I COMMAND you to get in line at Wal Mart to buy this on release day and support these guys. They may have had some stinkers in the past but they delivered with SONIC BOOM. PLUS, you get the Sonic Boom CD, a re-recorded 15 song "Best Of" and a live concert DVD all for $12!!!

Amazing job KISS and Paul, your analog production was perfect as is the album artwork. A+!!!!!!


I still remember when I saw your face across the room
Told me to take you but the price of love would seal my doom

I know the way you made the others break
But loving me would be your first mistake

Same old way, same old ways
Modern Day Delilah
Each time you learn to give
Queen to slave
Modern Day Delilah


You lived your glory in a liars haze you called the truth
The same old story of a social plan from wasted youth

You thought that you could bring me to my knees
But whos the one whos crying baby please

Same old way, same old ways
Modern Day Delilah
Each time you learn to give
Queen to slave
Modern Day Delilah

Just like the trigger of a loaded gun
You were the reason for the damage done
Too many lovers like a hunters prey
Not today

I know the way you made the others break
But loving me would be your last mistake
Each time you learn to give 

Same old ways
Modern Day Delilah
Shame, shame, shame on you girl
Queen to slave, come on now
Modern Day Delilah
Yeah, yeah, each time you learn to give
Same old way, same old ways
Not today
Queen to slave, loves decayed


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