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Kaitlin Dougherty- Week 3

Updated on June 6, 2011

I am only three weeks into my event planning internship and I have already encountered many unexpected obstacles! Not living in the area is really taking its toll on my performance. I have been to Baltimore four or fives before, but I am mostly familiar with the areas Federal Hill, The Inner Harbor and Towson. I am trying to find a facility that would be centrally located but am unsure what exactly would work for students in the area. I decided that something close to the Inner Harbor would be a good call for the final dinner, and did some research on areas with available parking.

The Tremont Hotel seems to be a very classy and well-run facility. I got into contact with their event planner and spoke with her on the phone about our needs for the dinner. I was thinking to combine all three (possibly two) etiquette courses together for the final dinner. Therefore, there would be about 45 people present, give or take. The Tremont is a great facility and is my top choice for the dinner. Lindsay, the event planner, is getting back to me soon with the pricing. Hopefully it will fit into our range for the event! If not, I still have some other great locations up my sleeve that would work as a great backup.


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