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Kate Middleton Topless Photo Scandal

Updated on September 19, 2012

According to Radar Online, Kate Middleton has been the subject and victim of a recent topless photo scandal. Some pictures of topless Kate Middleton have surfaced after they were snapped by some paparazzi intruder. Kate was on a romantic getaway vacation with her husband Prince William at the Château d'Autet, the private home of the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley, in the Luberon region of France. These pictures were published in a number of magazines and supposedly caused major embarassment for the royal family. I guess the royals just love being naked. Just recently prince Harry was photographed naked as well. Who cares? They are rich and famous and they will get over it.

Should Kate Middleton have been more careful about going topless? Perhaps. However, she is young and newly married and I guess she deserves to have fun too. Does the fact that she went topless diminish her decency as a human being? Yes, possibly. Once again, she is a royal and has way too much money to care.

I guess it is her fault that she was not more careful. I mean if she was topless inside her home I could not blame her. However, when you are a royal, you know there is always someone watching you and it is your responsibility to make sure you do not make a fool of yourself. I think Kate Middleton enjoys the attention. She has been on the cover of multiple magazines and is a bit of a beauty queen. Maybe these photos will allow her to have a modeling career or something. A royal model is definitely a strange concept.

Some people say that Kate Middleton going topless will make people more accepting of topless beaches. More people will be going topless than ever before now. Maybe celebrities like Kim Kardashian will go topless in order to get some attention.

As far as the photos themselves, Kate Middleton's breasts look great. They are small but attractive. So she is setting a good example of natural beauty here. At lease she is not obsessed with plastic surgery and she does not have implants. When she wears clothing her breasts seem much bigger. She looks like a B cup in clothing, but she is really a solid A.



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