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Katy Perry Billboard Hot 100 record

Updated on May 9, 2013

5 number 1 singles from Teenage Dream

Over the past year, Katy Perry has now spawned 5 number 1 singles from her sophomore album, Teenage Dream. Her current single, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) is the latest, and after having stalled at number 2 for several weeks behind Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, finally reached the peak on Monday, August 8th, after an official remix featuring Missy Elliott was released to push the song. Katy Perry is now the only female artist in history to ever achieve 5 Hot 100 chart toppers from the same album. She is also only the second artist (after Michael Jackson) to achieve this feat. The results are updated every Thursday on Billboard's website.

Her number 1 singles from the Teenage Dream album have been:

1. California Gurls (Ft. Snoop Dogg)

2. Teenage Dream

3. Firework

4. E.T. (Remix Ft. Kanye West)

And finally, the her 5th number 1 single:

Last Friday Night

What about her 6th single?

After the success of the first 5 singles, Katy Perry will of course release a 6th single. If this happens to reach #1 as well, it will make her the only artist in history, to ever have 6 number 1 singles from an album.

For her next single, I would prefer she released either Peacock or Not Like The Movies. Peacock has already topped the dance charts and is an extremely catchy song, however it may take a hit with radio airplay due to unsuitable content. Not Like the Movies is a slower ballad, similar to Thinking Of You from Katy Perry's debut album. Both have potential to reach number 1 in my opinion.

What do you think Katy Perry should release as her next single?

Setting a world record!

Which next Katy Perry single would have the most potential to reach #1?

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Katy has decided to release The One That Got Away as her sixth single from Teenage Dream! Let's see how far it gets!


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