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Kelly Rowland Speaks Up in New "Dirty Laundry" Song

Updated on May 17, 2013
The Talented Singer Ms. Kelly Rowland!
The Talented Singer Ms. Kelly Rowland!

Dirty Laundry (Explicit)

Kelly Rowland Expresses Her Tough Past

I remember Kelly all the way back since her days in Destiny's Child. To me, Kelly has always been my favorite and I think she has the voice of an angel. Her 2010 smash album Here I Am stuck a good chord with me. The album is all about liberation, sexuality, and being comfortable taking control.

In Kelly's new summer 2013 release "Dirty Laundry" I was not only shocked but pleasantly surprised that she decided to come out publicly with her feelings of the past. As you know, Beyonce was always placed as the front runner of the Destiny's Child group and her solo career has in the financial sense done a lot "better" than Kelly's. Now, this is a lot of pressure and you mix that in with a failed relationship and you have this song.

"Dirty Laundry" is far different than anything else Kelly has released. For one thing, there is a lot of cussing and it is not being done this time by a rapper like Lil Wayne but is being literally sung by Ms. Rowland. There is some pain to the song and a lot of emotional depth. It's real. That is what makes it some true music.

Compare it to "Kisses Down Low" or "Ice" and you will see the difference. "Kisses" is an awesome hip hop song that is totally about everything Kelly has stood for since day one: Being sexy and independent. It will be interesting to see where her fourth single goes.

We will find out if there is any more new revelations when Kelly Rowland's new album Talk A Good Game hits stores June 18, 2013! (I will be first in line to get my copy!)

Kisses Down Low

My Favorite Kelly Rowland Songs

#1 - I'm Dat Chick

#2 - Down For Whatever

#3 - Ice (feat. Lil Wayne)

#4 - Commander (feat. David Guetta)

#5 - Motivation (feat. Lil Wayne)

#6 - Kisses Down Low [See Above]

I'm Dat Chick

Down For Whatever

Ice (feat. Lil Wayne)

Commander (feat. David Guetta)

Motivation (feat. Lil Wayne)

Did You Know...

Did you know Kelly Rowland won a Grammy for being the featured singer in David Guetta's song "When Love Takes Over"?


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