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Pay the Ghost

Updated on February 4, 2016

Lights and pants off, snacks finished, cozied up between the sheets, and I finally convinced my husband to watch one of the random movies on Netflix with me. This time, I was able to find an actual ‘B’ horror and not another depressing drama. After a few minutes of scrolling around, I decided on “Pay the Ghost” (which Netflix had been suggesting for a few days).

“Pay the Ghost” made in 2015… wait 2015? (I never heard of it! Have you heard of it?)... Made in 2015 and stars Nicolas Cage, to whom upon seeing my husband said, “Wait, is that Nick Cage? This is a movie, movie?” and Sarah Wayne Callies. This “movie, movie” received the sad scores of 5.2/10 stars on and 2 stars on Netflix.

It does take place around Halloween, so for a horror movie that is pretty fun. There is also very little to almost no gore- save one autopsy scene where you see the chard insides/ rib cage of a character you meet for a second and don’t really care about. (She is basically the, ‘I need an old priest and a young priest’.) There are a small amount of jump scares which yes, are all pretty much predictable as the film rolls slowly along, and very little to no physical violence.

This movie, I would say, would be great for a Halloween sleepover party for 8-11 year olds (the F-bomb may be dropped once or twice at the police station). It focuses on the disappearance of Charlie Lawford, played by Jack Fulton. He is the son of Mike and Kristen Lawford and gets mysteriously taken from Mike at a Halloween carnival. This then cripples the Lawfords’ marriage and Mike is forced to move into his own apartment.

The story then fast forwards to a year later. It is now 3 days before Halloween and Mike starts to get messages that he believes are from his son, trying to tell him where he is. Soon wife Kristen is on bored with Mike’s crazy theories until after a scary night alone where she witnesses her son’s scooter rolling around the house by itself.

Side note: to give credit where credit is due, the two scenes with the scooter are very reminiscent to “The Shining”- especially when the son is physically on it in the beginning of the movie and the camera swings from his point of view to looking at him. I, for one, am going to tell myself this was a tribute- even though it probably wasn’t, and like this movie a little bit more.

Anyway… where was I? I think this is the point where I lost my husband too. (No, we didn’t make it to the end of the movie during our first sitting.) Well, to wrap it up, ‘don’t be a fool..’, the viewer finally learns who ‘the ghost' is and why she is ‘taking payment’ and then only Ghost Rider with the clues of American history can save his son before he is gone in 60 seconds...

I give “Pay the Ghost” a random rating of 1/5 (for any adult) and a 3/5 for any adult wanting to scare their child into letting Mommy and Daddy go with them while they trick-or-treat for a few more years.

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