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Kerli a rising star

Updated on January 23, 2012


I am almost positive that few has heard of this unique pop star sensation, but Kerli takes music to a whole other world. Kerli born in 1987 to a population less then 5,000 of Estonia, had dreamed of coming to the United States in hopes of starting a career with music. One of the first songs that she released was walking on air, my all time favorite and continuously has showed improvement as she moves forward in her genre of music known as bubble goth. Kerli had the opportunity to make a single for Tim Burtons, Alice in wonderland production called tea party.

Walking on air- a extreme state of happiness

Single released in may of 2008 has a unique vibe that allows you to scream at the top of your lungs in the shower. The single was an inspiration of her a fairytale story her mother use to tell her when she was younger. Kerli spoke of living a dream that would lift her high and make it feel like she is walking on air. The people in her town told her it was a silly dream to want to be a artist in the United States, but kerli moved on to try and peruse her goal and managed to release a single as she was recruited to a production company.

Tea party

A great production , Alice in wonderland was, but did you have the opportunity to buy the soundtrack! Kerli's single tea party is a great dance mix, with a lot of personality in it. Her unique voice and undeniable affection to create wonderful music of art, that raises the bar for artist everywhere. One thing I like about Kerli is for her it was never about the fame or the fortune, but doing and living what she has always dreamed of.


One thing that is rare among artist is the ability to perform live as good as they do on their albums. Everything in the music industry sometimes has led you to believe a false perception as more artist unwind and are unable to deliver the music performances they promise. Kerli not only is able to perform her albums live but also take a lot of pride in the opportunity that she has been given. Kerli connect with her fans and gives them an opportunity to participate in the direction her album is going to go. Reaching out to her fans and giving them the feedback they want, Kerli truly is an artist of beauty, and will always be a rising star.


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