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Will the Real Kevin Hart Please Sit the F**K Down?

Updated on January 6, 2020

Kevin Hart's PR Team Encourages Him to "Shut Up" but Instead He Makes a Six Episode Long Documentary.


Kevin Hart Done F**ked Up

When your public relations team of your own company all embarrassed by your actions plea for your silence, the last thing you do in response is hire a camera crew to illuminate yourself more within the spotlight.

Comedian actor Kevin Hart undoubtedly faced a dramatic series of unfortunate events over the past several years, all starting with his Vegas Trip scandal which led him to cheat on his wife who was pregnant at the time - don't worry if you're like me and had no idea as to this even occurring prior to now, his new Netflix documentary is a tell all (nothing like putting yourself on blast I suppose.)

But apparently to writer and friend Harry Ratchford, that's what the jokester is known for - his ability to joke about real life events; but what happens when everyone stops laughing?

Don't Get Me Wrong - I ADORE Kevin Hart.

But do I respect him? No, and I have three hours of pointless television to thank for that.

What started off as a teaser to the ending credit of the film quickly turned into what I thought would be an inspiring feature due to the fact that the second half of episode one embodies the idea that Hart isn't just busy, he's also good at being busy.

From strenuous work out routines, which by the way starts early in the am which was admittedly self-suggested that he wakes up prior to anyone else in the world, to running an "empire" aka his own business called HartBeat Productions, one begins to wish they too were just as successful as he is.

On top of doing it all, the viewer is then glamorized by the entertainer's ability to achieve everything from nothing by the seductive introduction of his wrongful childhood.

From a druggie infused father to a sole provider of motherhood and an absent brother, Hart really stands clear of your typical 70's sob story (please allow sarcasm to be found here) making his story more impelling then the average humorist.

Is Kevin Hart Superman?


He Surely Thinks So...

By episode three though it becomes painfully clear as to why the past was brought up for it was only to excuse the actions of Hart flying to Vegas and cheating on his wife.

If that weren't enough, the star then goes on to blame that because his friends from the "Plastic Cup Boyz" didn't attend his random travel decision, he wasn't properly guided to state no towards sleeping with another therefore in the end, he's really not the one at fault.

Although the film grants his wife a moment to speak upon the tragedy, the attention instantly diverts to how hard it all was for the convicted, almost as if the goal was to make you feel bad for someone who publicly got caught cheating.

Does He Even Have A Heart? & If So Is It Just as Small as Him?

As you can imagine, Hart basically starts to unravel at the this point, but the best part is, it's all on screen for everyone to see - that is if you're still watching of coarse.

His down-spiral leads this documentary to it's glorified moment when a fight with workout partner Boss became so bad that cops had to get involved, (don't worry though, Boss gets a super nice car in the end so I guess it all to be worth it.)

The breaking of him pushes him to pursue a better tomorrow and with the last few episodes the primary focus is on how they all come together as a team to make one man empower all his faults meanwhile allowing him to brag that he's mature enough to face his own sins.

All His Work Seemed to Have Paid Off When Visiting Australia Kevin Hart Gets Nominated to Be the New Host for the Oscars

All he had to do was apologize for recent tweets against the LGBT community but unfortunately not even a team of red solo cups could encourage him to do so.

He Wasn't R-E-A-D-Y!

But the comedian, being the superhero he clearly assumes himself to be, just couldn't embrace a moment of apologizing all because he claims that we all are just "living in the past" and that we need to "get over it."

Yes, cause last I checked someone who commits a crime no longer should be punished for it was in the past.

Being that this unnecessary production ends with Hart finally admitting he was in the wrong just by not apologizing, we'll just blame it on the fact that he wasn't ready and the Gay community I guess can just continue getting over getting belittled yet again.

Do We Think Netflix Aired this Knowing how Bad This Actually All Was & If So Do We Love Them For It?

See results

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