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Kids Today Need a Little Bit of Godzilla in Their Lives

Updated on December 5, 2021

UPDATED: APRIL 28, 2014:

It looks like Kids today now know who Godzilla is! I happened to visit the same Toys R Us as mentioned in the original hub and was delighted to see a nice collection of Godzilla toys: They have items from the new film as well as figures based on the original Japanese film series. It was very encouraging to see a nice crowd of people, including many kids, looking at these toys, playing with them and even buying them!

How about those trailers? I can not wait for May 16th!

UPDATED: July 22, 2013:

First things first: I do not know who linked this to the site but I Thank You and the many members of the forum there who have kept my little hub from the heart going for so long!

Secondly: since the time I wrote this, a lot has happened in the Godzilla camp. Namely, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures have finally got their Godzilla film in the can and ready for a May 2014 release.

I have to admit I was skeptical on the project due to not being impressed with Director Gareth Edwards Monster film. However, after reading interviews with him and the cast and crew, I began to gain interest and they definitely have my attention now that the footage shown at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend has leaked onto the internet.

I think we are in good hands, my fellow G-Fans!

Some time ago, I went to Toys R Us and found myself wandering around. I came across a little section of Godzilla toys. While it was shocking enough to see that they were still being produced here in America, What happened next was even more disturbing.

A boy, of around 8 or 9, and his father had come down the aisle and the boy took one look at the shelf and said "Dad, Who is Godzilla?" I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor hard because It is still sore to this day. I'm not one to chime in when other people are having a conversation near me because, for one thing, I really am rather shy in person. I have to say that Daddy handled it well saying to the effect that Godzilla is the King Of The Monsters to which the kid replied "Oh.", then they went on.

I don't know what happened afterward. I can only hope that the Dad went out and got some Toho classics to show his kid.

This leads me to the reason for my hub title... There needs to be more awareness of Toho's Creations In today's society, especially in America. I have a japanese friend who says that kids do still watch and enjoy them today. I guess that makes sense since it's the home of their birth.

By the time I was 8, I probably had seen all the Godzilla films numerous times. most notably the one that is considered the worst of the lot: Godzilla Vs. Megalon, I have to admit this is the one that is sentimental to me. I am pretty sure it was the first one I had seen. Here in Bakersfield, We would get KMPH 26 out of Fresno/Visalia that on Saturdays would show Saturday Action Cinema. a double feature program where the first part was usually a monster movie of some sort. This is where "Megalon" Came in. It was the only one they would show of Godzilla. But then we would get KTLA 5 out of Los Angeles and they would be more generous in their offerings on Saturdays with Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and even Voyage Into Space, which, if you didn't know was a movie edited from episodes of a show called Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot.

These days, all you can find Godzilla on are DVD, Blu-ray, Hulu, or Netflix, if you run a Television station and are reading this: Please consider replacing your Saturday afternoon Marathons of Three And A Half Men with some quality Kaiju entertainment!

Did everyone stay till the end of Kong Skull Island?


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