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Killed By Love

Updated on April 26, 2017
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

Jovan Belcher - Kansas City Football Star

Jovan (25) had an argument with his girlfriend and baby mama, Kasandra Perkins(22) after she had come home late from an R&B concert the night before. On Saturday he shot her several times and she died in hospital. Jovan went to the stadium, thanked his coach and team and the proceeded to commit suicide in front of them. A three month old baby was left behind and friends said that they had quarrelled frequently but others say that they were very much in love and happy after the birth of the baby. Kasandra was found by her mother and taken to hospital where she died. Peoplesaid it was very unexpected and nobody could suggest that they saw it coming.


Phil Hartman - Comedian

Police responded to a 911 call after neighbours reported gunshots at 6:20am in Encino, Los Angeles.

Brynn and Phil Hartman were married in 1987 and left behind two children. Brynn Hartman shot herself in the bedroom as the police entered the home and the police said that Phil Hartman had been shot a while before Brynn.

Friends and family of the couple said that they seemed very happy whilst neighbours suggested otherwise.

The couple were seen in their favourite Italian restaurant and when leaving had a heated argument where Phil had told his wife that he would leave her if she decided to use drugs again.

They got home and Brynn entered his room intoxicated and had just used cocaine when she shot him twice with a 38 calliber gun at around 3am.


Mathew Winkler - Pastor

Mary Winkler said that her husband had abused and raped her for years until she finally snapped and shot him in the back while he was sleeping. She was arrested and convicted for manslaughter and served less than a year and got back custody of her children two years later.


O J Simpson - Football Star

O.J. Simpson was tried on two counts of murder for the deaths of ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The case was described as the most publicised criminal trial in the history of America.

The trial lasted for eight months and O.J. was aquitted. He hired a high profile defense team which persuaded the jurers that there was a reasonable doubt about DNA evidence that was mishandled by laboratories.

Brown and Simpson had divorced two years prior to the murders and both Nicole and her friend Ronald were found murdered outside her home in 1994.

Evidence collected at the scene led police to believe that it was O.J. Simpson.

Nicole was stabbed multiple times in the head and neck with defense wounds found on her hands.

Lawyers convinced police to allow O.J. to turn himself in but he never turned up at the police station and instead left a note letting his friends know that he did not kill Nicole or her friend and it appeared to be a suicide note. He was then involved in a high speed chase with a friend driving his car and O.J. on the back seat holding a gun to his head. The police managed to stop him and friends convinced him to surrender.

He pleaded not guilty to both the murders and was held without bail until the trial.

At the trial his attorneys said that false evidence was planted at the scene to set up O.J. Simpson.

There were witnesses to state that a man of his height was scene at the crime and his car was also seen leaving.

Nicole's sister testified stating that O.J. Simpson had on several occasions beat up his wife.

There was evidence to show that Simpson had bought a knife, had blood on his socks and a shoeprint that put him a the scene and yet he was let off.


Sid Vicious - Musician

Sid Vicious was known from being in the band "Sex Pistols." His manager and girlfriend was Nancy Spungen.

Sid claimed that he woke up after a rough night from a party held at his home to find Nancy dead on the bathroom floor of their hotel room.

She had suffered a single stab wound to her abdomen and bled to death. The knife used was bought by Sid and it was a collectors item.

Vicious was arrested and charged with murder but could not remember what had happened and later said that they had argued the night before and she might have fallen onto the knife.

Apparently she had been flashing money around and when she was found the money and the knife were missing. Sid could not remember what had happened and his guests had given no evidence of what had happened.

Vicious attempted suicide ten days after her death and was sent to a hospital where he was then charged with assault and spent 55 days in prison where he was released on bail.

He was clean and sober when released and celebrated his release with his new girlfriend and his mother. His mother had heroine delivered to the home and Sid was found overdosed at midnight. By three they managed to revive him and he and his new girlfriend went to bed but according to records Sid wanted another hit, his girlfriend left the room as she wanted no part of it and his mother gave him a fatal dose. A suicide note was found in his pocket but it is said that his mother helped him in order to avoid him going back to prison and at his request wanted to be laid down to rest next to Nancy. It was a pact that he and his mother had made.

He was not laid to rest next to Nancy as she was Jewish.


"There are common motives in single victim murders. For male murderers these includes revenge, power, money and rage. For the female killer, love is usually the motive, whether it involves a child, boyfriend, husband, or an ex. For a single death, the murder is typically committed by someone who knows the victim."


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