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Kirsten Dunst Superstar

Updated on August 10, 2014

By Myranda Grecinger

Kirsten Dunst is well known for her amazing portrayals of famous characters such as Claudia from the film version of Anne Rice’s novel “Interview with a Vampire” and the sweet, girl next door character Mary Jane Watson from the movie “Spiderman”, first introduced in the beloved comic book series. Unbeknownst to many Kirsten has actually done so much more in her production career. She is not only an actress on the big screen, has also established herself in the modeling industry as well as on stage performances in theatrical and musical productions. Kirsten also takes pride in being the public voice for people with mood disorders.

She began her acting career early on, playing the role of Lisa’s daughter in “New York Stories” although her role as un-credited. By the age of three she was appearing in regular television commercials. In 1989, Kirsten’s voice was featured in a cartoon. She had some un-credited on “Saturday Night Live,” and other series on television. By 1991 she was credited with such roles as “Young Girl” in a movie called “High Strung” and Campbell McCoy in “The Bonfire of the Vanities” Kirsten continued working hard and ever devoted to her career began participating in at least or more one major projects every year not to mention a few recurring television roles on famous sets such as E.R and the cartoon series “The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

Word of Kirsten’s abilities grew fast, landing her roles such as an educational special called “Children Remember the Holocaust” and the voice for Disney’s "Anastasia". The young actress continued on her journey to stardom playing key roles in no less than eight more feature films by the year 2000 including her award winning role in "Bring it on". By 2011 Kirsten had been involved in more than fifty productions not to mention her extensive television background and was even featured in the video game version of “Spider Man”.

Things had slowed down on screen for Kirsten by 2005, though it would later become known that it was at this time that she was struggling with a battle of depression. Kirsten got things under control and bounced back better than ever by 2010, and already in 2012 has played important roles in “Charm”, “Bachelorette”,” Upside down” and “On the Road”. Though she may not be the first face that comes to mind when considering Hollywood celebrities, Kirsten’s talent and drive are most certainly undeniable and her performances unforgettable. One can only imagine what the future holds for this amazing young woman.

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