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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - Anime Review

Updated on October 3, 2017
5 stars for Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

On her way to work Kobayashi opens the door to her apartment only to be met by a frightening sight, the head of a dragon, staring at her from across her balcony. the Dragon immediately transforms into a cute and energetic young girl dressed in a maid outfit and introduces herself as Tooru.

Startled by this new visitor, Kobayashi remembers that the previous night, on a drunken excursion into the mountains, she had come across the dragon and since the dragon had no where else to go she invited the mythical creature to stay with her as her maid. Tooru's unusual methods of housekeeping often leave Kobayashi horrified and ends up being more trouble than help. Kobayashi makes her best effort to handle the crazy situation she's found herself in and is not at all prepared to deal with this crazy dragon and her friends but she makes the best of it.

Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon is not a complicated anime, it's not an epic fantasy adventure, it's not even really a love story but it somehow manages to be all of those things at once, in they're simplest forms. This is a wonderful anime about a dragon who is far from home that meets a drunk business woman one night and both of their lives change forever from that point on.

Kobayashi is a business woman who is proud of the work she does, has work friends, and lives a pretty standard uneventful life going to work every day and coming home to relax and sleep and starting the same cycle over the next day, though sometimes she does go out drinking with her coworkers. On one of those drunken nights she ends up walking around the mountain side where she finds a dragon with a sword in it's side, saves it and befriends it and from then her life changes forever as she invited the dragon into her home to be her maid. Kobayashi does so grudgingly at first but soon warms up to her new dragon companion and the other dragons who come to kobayashi's world to visit tooru.

Tooru is a dragon who we meet fist in the woods who has been stabbed with a giant sword, ported herself to another dimension and laid down to die. That is until kobayashi happens upon her while on a drunken stroll through the mountain side, removes the sword, saving her, and invited her to live at her home as a maid. Tooru agrees to this and is determined to pay Kobayashi back for saving her by being the best maid she can be, even if she doesn't really understand what a maid is at first and tries to complete her daily tasks in strange ways that kobayashi finds very creepy. Tooru does her best and eventually gets better at being a maid and even makes new friends and welcomes old friends into her new life in the human world.

This is a great comedy and slice of life anime that I really loved watching. the characters are lovable and well rounded with good back stories. This anime is also visually appealing with a great art style and a vibrant use of colors. There is some fan service as all the female characters tend to be very busty and bouncy but it's still a fantastic anime that will keep you watching episode after episode, wondering what antics Tooru and her friends will get up to in each one as they find their way in the human world and develop lasting friendships and become a family, even if it is a little strange.

Alternative title: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, Fantasy

Duration: 24 mins per episode

Rating: PG-13

Premiered: Winter 2017 from Jan. 12, 2017 to Apr. 6, 2017.

Internet Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation

Characters - Staff
Yasuhiro Takemoto
Kyle Phillips
Mutsumi Tamura
Leah Clark
Yūki Kuwahara
Sarah Wiedenheft
Daisuke Ono
Garret Storms
Riko Saikawa
Emiri Katō
Sara Ragsdale
Kaori Ishihara
Alison Viktorin
Maria Naganawa
Jad Saxton
Rukoa (Lucoa)
Minami Takahashi
Jamie Marchi
Makoto Takiya
Yūichi Nakamura
Jeff Johnson
Eruma (Elma)
Yūki Takada
Rachel Glass


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