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Korean Celebrity Beauty Secrets and Skincare Tips

Updated on July 22, 2016

Korean Celebrities Skincare Routine

Do you experience skin difficulties? Do you need helps from your favorite Korean celebrities? Here is a few Kpop idol as well as Korean actress and actors skincare secrets that they have kindly reveals in TV show as well as interview. Enjoy!

Update (7/23/2016): I made some changes to the title and combine the part 2 to this hub together.


Suzy, also known as "nation's first love" once revealed her skin care routine where she introduced her '424' face wash routine. '424' face wash consists of

  • 4 minutes of removing her makeup with cleansing oil;
  • 2 minutes of massaging her skin with a foam cleanser; and
  • 4 minutes of thoroughly washing with water.


The girls went bare-faced once revealing their blemish-free and milky skin on a TV show. Their tips and tricks on how they remove their makeup as well as cleansing routine.

  • The first essential step, they explained, was to remove foundation and eyeliner with make-up removing oil.
  • Following that, they revealed their cleansing routine.



There's no denying that Yoona's face seems to be glowing 24/7. Plus, she's also a model for a Korean skincare brand.

  • For YoonA, she realizes the importance of sleep above anything else.
  • Getting enough sleep will allow our skin cells to regenerate properly.
  • She also expresses that cleaning your skin regularly is key.


Dara is famously known for her forever youthful looks and who looks like she aged backward as in looking younger and younger. Here are her beauty tips.

  • She drinks more than 8 cups in a day arguing that keeping your body hydrated will ultimately keep your skin hydrated.
  • Dara cleanse her face twice, one with cleansing cream and then the next with foam.


Kang Min Kyung was asked about how she takes care of her perfectly clear skin by an MC on a TV show. Here is what she answered.

"The secret to skincare is that I wash my face 5 times before I sleep, no matter what. Before I sleep, I wash my face over and over again to make sure there's no dirt left. So I wash my face about 5 times. "


Clara reveals her skincare routine in "Happy Together" in 2014. Here is what she shares.

  • Clara revealed that she consistently massages her face with her fingers to eliminate fatigue during her cleansing routine.
  • She told the MCs while demonstrating, "It's really good to massage your face consistently. With your two fingers, massage your V-line ten times, ten times above your cheeks, and ten times above your eyes."
  • Clara revealed that the secret to her cleansing was to make sure she washes her face line and to dry her face over time rather than using a towel.
  • Clara also revealed that when she has an important filming the next day, she would put on a green tea face mask on before bed, but before putting on the mask, she would slather her face with face oil.


Aside from revealing her diet secret, she also reveals her skincare secret. Here is what she shares.
“I put a mask on three days of the week and try to sleep before 10 PM."


As Korea's national beauty icon, actress Kim Tae Hee has always been an idol to many women as well as ideal women to men. In an interview, she reveals her personal beauty routine.

  • Since she's in a career that requires constant camera exposure, she checks her skin closely.
  • If she feel like her skin is going to break out, she would go and receive treatment from a dermatologist before filming.
  • If her skin feels dry, she would use masks or apply a lot of moisturizing cream before sleeping.
  • If she feels like she's going to get blemishes, she lightly applies lotion only.


Actress Park Soo Jin reveals her general skincare method in an interview earlier this year.

  • She mentions that, she did not leave her hotel without putting on sunscreen first.
  • When talking about her skincare routine, the actress revealed that she only uses essential products such as toner, essence, and cream.
  • She then shared that she does frequent lower body bathing to help blood circulation.


Actress Yoon Eun Hye once reveals her skincare tips on a talk show, "Taxi". When asked about skincare routine she confesses that,

"I use a lot of face masks and wear a lot of different moisturizers. I'll put on three times the normal amount before bed; it has great effects."

11. Former KARA's HARA

Hara tweeted her simple yet useful skincare tips on her SNS.

  • She tweeted, "When your skin becomes dry, try getting a cucumber facial."
  • Cucumbers are a source of several compounds that fight aging and help your skin retain moisture.


Jessica was ranked on the 100 most beautiful faces list of 2012.

  • As she also mentioned tips like keeping a habit of washing your face by the end of the day and keeping your face constantly moisturized,
  • There was one key element she said to keep a habit of, which is sunscreen.
  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVS and UVB rays with an SPF of 30 or higher, even when you're stepping out just for a moment!
  • It's also a critical form of defense against skin cancer.


SECRET's Sunhwa is famous for having baby soft and milky skin. Here are her beauty skincare tips:

  • Mix bean powder with milk to create a natural mask for your skin.
  • Bean powder helps exfoliate dead cells and drives out dirt clogged deep within skin pores.


Actress Moon Chae Won once spills out her secret to clean skin. Her skincare routine is as follow.

  • Moon Chae Won said her first secret was pear juice.
  • She remarked that she drank it once or twice a day, which helped her recover fast from being fatigued.
  • The second secret was using fingers stretch her face.
  • She instructed, “If you press the indented area underneath the cheekbones it helps smoothen rigid skin.”
  • She also guided that when she’s tired, she presses her thumbs above her eyes side to side, all the way to the end.
  • Lastly, she shared that she massages the back part of her ear using two fingers.


Daesung revealed an ultra-effective skincare method called " Go-Dae face wash method", which is his own version of Go Hyun Jung's face-washing regimen. Here is his "Go-Dae face wash method"

  • He always has to believe his hands are very dirty.
  • He only looks like he's touching his face on camera, but he's really not.
  • Even when he takes a shower, he would wash his hands for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then he would proceed to rinse his face in a counterclockwise direction with his hands.
  • He advised “When cleansing, it's not always the best idea to cleanse your face 2-3 times since it can irritate your skin. Instead, cleansing your face thoroughly once would be a more beneficial method. "
  • In addition, it's a bad idea to spray your face with water directly while taking a shower; rather you should clean your face with soft flowing water that comes down from the top of your head.
  • "The point is to act like you're filming a shower scene in a movie." - Daesung


Actor Song Joong Ki shared his secret to achieving the skin of white pearl in an interview.

  • "First of all, I don't smoke, and secondly, I don't smoke. I've not touched a cigarette for a long time. If you smoke, it's bad for your health and it's really horrible for your skin." said Song Joong Ki.
  • When he returns to his dorm, he would put on a facial mask before he sleeps.
  • Normally, he doesn’t do any special treatment, but when he does, he would pay particular attention to underneath his eyes.
  • He also washes his face with milk every night to lighten his skin and keep it smooth and soft.


Kwon Sang Woo revealed his secret to keeping his perfectly clear skin which became the source of jealousy to not only men but fellow female stars as well.

  • He chose not smoking and controlling his drinking as the #1 secret to keeping his skin perfect.
  • He also mentioned that constant exercise helps, saying, "I try to keep the balance in my body through weight training and jogging, but that helps not just my body, but also my skin.”

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