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Review of Korean Movie 'Attack The Gas Station 2'

Updated on January 20, 2018

About Attack The Gas Station 2:

Attack The Gas Station 2 aka Juyuso Seubgyuksageun 2 is the 2010 sequel to the original Attack The Gas Station which came out in 1999.

So far, there are a few notable contrasts between this movie and the original movie that came back in 1999 along a cameo appearance of one of the characters from that movie.

Attack The Gas Station 2 is still an entertaining movie on its own.

Having enjoyed the original movie, I decided to give Attack The Gas Station 2 when I saw it available on Netflix Steaming.

I could say that I was pretty satisfied. Though Attack The Gas Station 2 uses many of the same elements of the original movie, the movie finds interesting ways to creatively reuse those elements.

If you have watched the original Attack The Gas Station, then you should already expect a lot.

On that same note, I found Attack The Gas Station 2 predictable.

In this case, there's nothing wrong with being predictable to an extent.

However, I did kind of find Attack The Gas Station 2 to be almost entertaining as the previous movie.

But the sequel doesn't possess any of the sociopolitical elements present in the first Attack The Gas Station. This is due to the story taking place relatively ten years after the first movie.

Like in the first movie, the sequel follows a quartet of “heroes” who end up taking over the gas station for the night.

They are not considered tragic heroes compared to the quartet of main characters from the 1999 movie. Still, it was an entertaining movie to watch.


Attack The Gas Station 2 takes place ten years after the events of the first film.

The four main characters from the original film have moved on with their lives and are not relevant to this story.

However, the gas station (where the first movie took place) is still around. This gas station is still managed by the same manager from the first movie.

Mr. Park (the gas station owner/manager) has wised up.

Not only has he hid the money, Mr. Park decided to hire quartet of employees to protect the place.

On the flip side, thoough, Mr. Park hasn't wised up about his business ethics.

Even after all this time, Mr. Park still acts like a greedy pompous jerk and that ultimately costs him.

The gas station is now dealing with a new threat and nuisance: a fearless motorcycle street gang who doesn't yield to authority.

Then the gang members see the same gas station from the first movie.

Before filling their tanks up, the gang members decide to smash the place up.

Then they fill up their tanks and other cans without paying.

They also ransack the gas station of food and other items which perfectly sets up the the story for Attack The Gas Station 2.

Instead of a quartet deciding to rob the gas station twice, as shown in the first movie, a gang messes up the gas station.

After a series of tryouts, Mr. Park ends up hiring the following people: One Punch, High Kick, Body-Twist, and Yaburi.

This is because no serious martial artist seems to be interested in working as a gas station bodyguard. It happens to be Mr. Park's way of seeking revenge against the motorcycle gang that trashed his gas station.

The four of them are hired to protect the gas station from getting attacked by gangs and other degenerates.

When a quartet of wannabe thugs decide to rob the gas station, these four quickly and effortlessly take down the four of them.

These guys prove to be very good when one of them makes the effort to chase one of them when he goes away.

When Mr. Park tries to discipline them, the generational gap is shown when they don't know how to “stamp their heads on the ground.”

The four wannabe thugs are coerced by Mr. Park to be part of the revenge plan against the bikers.

However things don't go as planned as Mr. Park refuses the pay them what their supposed to get paid.

As a consequence, it becomes a repeat of the original Attack The Gas Station.

This happens to be the same night as they deal with the wannabe robbers. Fed up with the way they are being treated by Mr. Park, the four of them take action.

Not only do they quit working at the gas station, they “take it over” like in the first movie.

Instead of trying to just rob the place, the four of them get the same idea. Them and the four wannabe thugs join together and take money from the customers to keep for themselves. They come up with creative ways to get rid of the gas, take the money, and run.

When people get suspicious, they get taken “hostage” before they can go and tell the authorities.

It becomes like the first movie; but, you have a different mix of characters such as the biker gang, a bus full of prisoners which has been taken over by the prisoners, and several others.

At the end, it becomes a major brawl like in the previous movie.

While it's like the previous movie, Attack The Gas Station 2 is able to stand on its own to feet. It serves as an excellent sequel to the first one.

In a sense, Attack The Gas Station 2 can be the Korean equivalent to Kevin Smith's Clerks II.

The story switches between the floor and the 2nd floor break area.

The happenings on the 2nd floor become quite entertaining as the happenings on the street-level floor.


The four “heroes” are completely different from their 1999 movie counterparts; half of them, you can seem to feel sorry for.

The four of them seemingly have their noble traits. When you look into their pasts, you may have sympathy for most of them.

A good focus of the movie would be to showcase the combat skills of the four main characters. The characters along with the interactions with each other definitely help drive the story of Attack The Gas Station 2.

As a result, the sequel is quite entertaining.

One Punch – The leader of the four is the noble ex-convict. He is known for being good with his punches. So far, he comes off as being the mysterious guy. When it comes to the wannabe thugs, One Punch does his best to make sure they don't follow a path that lands them in jail.

He has the best agility and reflexes of the group.

One Punch got thrown in jail for avenging his employers who got ruined by a false news article.

Since then, One Punch has a problem with journalists.

High Kick – The seemingly second-in-command of the group was a rising soccer star who got a spot on South Korea's national soccer team due to his unmatched kicking prowess. However, he was treated like garbage by jealous colleagues.

Out of anger, High Kick beat them up and got kicked off the team about indefinitely.

He has the best speed and athleticism of the group.

Body Twist – Body-Twist is the powerhouse of the group. He seemingly is a combination of a Wrestler and a Judoka.

When fighting, he uses a combination of Judo and Wrestling moves. He is a tragic hero due to his bad luck with women.

Body Twist is the big dude with a heart of gold and a code to never hit women. Ironically, he hit his girlfriends by accident when doing simple things such as swatting a fly away.

Instead of using force, he tries to be diplomatic and pleads for the others to do the same thing. He comes off as the most nonviolent of the group. Furthermore, he's actually the most intelligent due to being able to quickly crunch numbers in his head.

Yaburi – Yaburi is the crazy insane character of the group. He has no combat skills; but, he knows how to bluff which comes to his many hours experience playing various video games such as online role-playing games.

Then you have the many other characters. Asides from the four main characters, the one that got a lot of my attention is the girl named Myeong-Rang (one of the four wannabe thugs) who is ditzy while referring to herself in third person. She seemingly becomes the subject of Body Twist's affections.

Attack The Gas Station 2 has quite the interesting cast of characters.


While it's almost exactly like the first Attack The Gas Station, Attack The Gas Station 2 has its own entertaining story.

It's the same situation as the first movie; but, you have a bunch of completely new characters with different backgrounds.

Attack The Gas Station 2 is a pretty decent movie.

If you are into Korean movies, Attack The Gas Station 2 is definitely one of those must-see films.

While it draws a lot from the first movie, Attack The Gas Station 2 is definitely not a boring movie.

As the movie seems to be geared towards guys, Attack The Gas Station 2 is a great movie for couples to watch as it seems to have something for everybody.


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