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Korupt- Still rocking it out!

Updated on September 17, 2012
Korupt band Logo and Lips.
Korupt band Logo and Lips.

30 years of Rock

The band Korupt originally formed back in 1982 in the dawn of the "big hair bands" era. Over the years the faces of the band has changed, currently leaving 3 of its original members left. Recently Lou Tonson, a former guitarist for the band passed away at age 45.

The band has preformed at such venues as Hammerjacks, Crossroads Tavern, M3 Rock Festival, and will be preforming at the Island Bay Day Festival on Oct 15.

The band is not to be mistaken as a normal cover band though. You can hear classics from Iron Maiden and Metallica at the concerts, but also you will hear originals that will floor you!

The intensity of a Korupt show is almost Palpable in intensity. The whole venue feels as if it is rocking along with the band as the building almost shakes.

Recently on September 15-16 at Crossroads Tavern in Glen Burnie they played 2 amazing shows! The 16th was the Taverns 60th anniversary. Songs such as "Seek and Destroy" and "RagTop" made the crowds go wild. They were very interactive with the crowd as well, making for just that much better of an experience. They also are not afraid to sit down with the fans outside and relax after a show like just another patron of the place.

They are one amazing band and are worth catching if you get a chance to be near one of their gigs. They upcoming schedule includes:

Saturday September 22, 2012 (Noon-?) MUSIC ROCKS AUTISM BENEFIT- DE LAZY LIZARD (Ocean City Maryland) (305 North 1st Street Ocean City MD 21842. 410-289-1122)

Sunday September 23, 2012 (4pm-8pm) NABBS CREEK party on the deck (864 Nabbs Creek RD Glen Burnie MD 21060)

Saturday October 13, 2012 ISLAND BAY DAY (Queen Anne's County Fairgrounds Centerville MD)

Friday November 9, 2012 (9pm) OPENING FOR JACK RUSSELLS GREAT WHITE HOUSE OF ROCK (11445 Pulaski HWY White Marsh MD 21162 410-335-7111)

December 31 2012 CROSSROADS TAVERN NEW YEARS EVE PARTY (7354 Richie HWY Glen Burnie MD 21061)

The band is comprised of Sean McCall, Karl Reichenbach, Dave Beall, Robby Anderson, and Jeff Barnosky.

For booking information call: Sean McCall(240-338-0494) or Dave Beall (443-627-1859)

For more information on the band and events both past and present visit

The Band
The Band


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    • profile image

      DannyVanity 5 years ago

      FUCK YES

    • John Rigby profile image

      John Rigby 5 years ago

      Fucking A man! They are still around! Damn! I loved these guys. Have to catch their OC show. Awesome blog.

    • profile image

      ShellyDeonovan 5 years ago

      Amazing! Love them! So happy to see someone did an article on them!