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Koyal Rana short bio

Updated on July 2, 2011

Koyal Rana biography

Koyal Rana is a beautiful teen age girl with all the right talents that rivals any of the top heroines in Indian cinema today. She has a great personality with a charming smile and a sweet nature. Koyal Rana was selected as the first Scooty Teen Diva India International 2008 as these Koyal Rana clearly shows how cute she is. She represented India at the Miss Teen International to compete for the title in Chicago held in 2008. The contestents for the Miss teen beauty competition were from all over the world giving her a stiff competition.

Koyal Rana hails from New Delhi India. Koyal is very good in academics and this is seen as a rare combination. Beauty with Brain! Especially to know that Koyal Rana is very good in mathematics and calculation using the Abacus style of computing is inspiring. Such a personality down to earth and a mature behavior for someone so talented is so rare. Koyal is a great swimmer which explains her fit body and she also writes good stories.

Will Koyal Rana become a movie star? She has all the looks and talent that is needed to be a successful movie actress in Bollywood. Koyal Rana means beautiful humming bird and she is clearly seen as a good fit. She was awarded the title of “Miss Fit” for her athletic and fitness achievements. Indian movie makers will soon see the potential and we will not be surprised to see her signing up in a few films soon. Hope she gets more successful in modeling and the more competitive acting world where more compromises might be needed. Stay tuned!

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