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Lupita Nyong'o

Updated on February 22, 2014

How she started acting...

Lupita Nyong'o realised that she had acting skills when she was 14years old, and this is when she did her first act where she played the role of Juliet in the play "Romeo and Juliet" at a local theater in Kenya. Shen then later was part of a regular Kenyan Television series "Shuga" which was a production of MTV. The main aim of the series was to point out the awareness of of spread of HIV/AIDS among the youths, which unfortunately is still a challenge in some parts of the African Continent.

She Started off Innocently...

Known by her full names as Lupita Amondi Nyong'o, was born on the 1st of March 1983 in Mexico. This was as a result of her parents going to Mexico due to political exile from Kenya. The family then later returned to Kenya where Lupita spent most of her life growing as well as part of her education. She then later returned back to the United States of America where she got her undergraduate degree from Hampshire College in Massachusetts. In the year 2012, Lupita graduated again from Yale School of Drama.

Her roots...

Lupita's native language is Luo which is one of the Largest community in Kenya majorly based in Nyanza Province. It is said that the community had migrated from Southern Sudan, close to a century ago, and moved into East Africa region settling along the Rivers and Lakes and this might be a possible reason as to why they are also referred to as the River Lake Nilotes. Facts has it that she might be having a connection to the U.S.A President Barrack Obama since Nyong'o is a Luo, which is a tribe the father to the U.S Presidents originates from. She has since learnt other new languages other than Luo and English which include Swahili, Spanish as well as Italian which she is said to be eloquent in all of them.

Stylish and Elegant?

I can say that Lupita is a perfectionist; this can be perfectly seen by how elegant she ensures she is before she walks out of her room, carefully matching her accessories with her outfit. She decided to settle for having a short hair after going through the hassles in and out of salons and boutiques to find a suitable hair style. The short hair has since become her trademark hair style after making this big decision when she was only 19 years old!

12 Years as a Slave...

In the movie "12 Years as A Slave" Lupita played the role of being an object of cruel affection by her master. As it is depicted in the film, her master had a secret rather unhealthy obsession with Patsey, the character she was playing. This made her to have conflicts with the wife of her master who was not a little impressed by her husband's obsession to Patsey and this made her, Patsey, to suffer cruelty acts from her master's wife. To save her skin, she made sure that she had to be loyal to her master as well as work extra hard than the rest of the workers in the cotton fields by picking the most pounds which could usually hit 500 pounds whereas the other slaves managed around 200 pounds. These actions greatly impressed her master.


The film has so far made Lupita witness her victory by easily being awarded the award Best Supporting Actress for the Oscars and Golden Globe and Critics' Choice movie awards, and a screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by female actor in a supporting role. Her next film is said to be "Non Stop" which is set to be released on Feb 28th 2014. Lupita Nyong'o you are an upcoming Icon in the movie industry and I can't wait to be a witness of that.

Divergent Series

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Lupita Nyong'o

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