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La Luna - Sarah Brightman Showing What She's Got, and She's Got a Lot

Updated on May 30, 2012

Expressions of La Luna

Sarah Brightman
Sarah Brightman

Still Out of this World

It's hard to believe this recorded concert is ten years old. A testament to the concert's quality is its enduring ability to enthrall and fascinate.

Far too much has been made about Sarah Brightman's early roots with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Happily, he gave Sarah the lead in "Phantom of the Opera." Yes, this (no doubt) put her under the spotlight, but Sarah created her own magic with this role. When the relationship with Webber ended, Sarah was on her own, and she pushed herself onward (with ups and downs along the way) to where she is now.

She did this with her own perseverance, creativity, artistry and talent. No one ever propped her up. Sarah has reached her state of achievement by paying her dues, putting in long hours of training/rehearsing, and not compromising her unique vision.

Each subsequent recorded concert seems like a magnificent progression of style and grandeur. She has developed a large, enthusiastic and highly supportive fan base. Despite all the stage lights, Sarah emanates her own radiance, which only seems to grow brighter with time.

The DVD "La Luna" is crisp, sharp, and absolutely clear. If you enjoy Sarah Brightman's music, as well as live stage performances, this will not disappoint.

Sarah Brightman Singing La Luna


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