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Ladies Shopping Is Inspired By Television Character's Costumes

Updated on July 20, 2015

The challenge is not that they have no dress to wear but the fact is that they have too much in their wardrobe to decide what to wear. When it comes to shopping, a lady will never say that she has shopped enough. To them, whatever dress or shoe is trending, it’s a worth purchase. The irony of the whole matter is that women shopping gets significantly influenced by another woman character they saw on the television who happened to wear that dress only once.

Women are known to have a significant connection between the television programs especially the soap operas and the dress they end up wearing. Indian TV, Indian shows, Ladies shopping, Indian TV character’s costumes and the trending fashion on social media are all in one way or another related. Most women see these TV characters as an icon of fashion and style, and that is why most of the women would like to dress like them. Since these TV characters command a vast audience, a woman would like to be associated with such a person. We know that women and human in general like attention and to a woman, getting noticed in the crowd might be her greatest joy.

Indian shows and most TV have fashion shows that advertise different dresses aimed at women. Most women believe that the TV characters can’t be wearing a dress or pair of shoes that are of poor quality. Women see these characters as an endorsement for a particular dress or style. The characters also influence the fashion industry a lot and no woman would like to be left behind in terms of style. Most ladies will go to the extent of trying to know where a specific costume worn by a particular TV character got bought. The woman will make efforts to get that costume at whatever price.

Women are also known to be good at impulse buying. It has been proved that whenever they see a dress that matches the one that they saw on Indian TV Show, they will buy it even when they won’t be wearing it. They just want to fulfil their ego and be associated with the character. Whenever a woman dresses like a TV character she had seen, she somehow feels associated with the character and it’s also a way of owning the show. When it comes to women and their shopping, it will always keep on changing as the TV shows and characters keep changing.


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