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Lady Gaga a Star Is Born Movie Review

Updated on November 11, 2018

A Star is Born Movie Review

I just wanted to do a quick review of A Star is Born. First of all this was a great movie I love so much and for a time I thought against it but, a friend of mine recommended I write a review on it since I loved the movie so much. So here I am heeding my friends request. I hope you like my movie review.

A Star Is Born

Summary of A Star is Born

The story follows a young song-writer named Ally (Lady Gaga) who longs to sing but, she is convinced that she isn't good enough due to her looks.

Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), a world-class performer who ventures off into the heart of the city to celebrate yet another successful performance that he played for and so once inside the city Jackson discovers a club where Ally so happened to be. It was open mic. night and the two hit it off immediately. They never realized what would happen next as the two were drawn together and against all odds Jack had managed to convince her to begin her career. With nothing to lose, Ally agreed.

So, with all that being said we follow Ally through her life as a rising star. Through all of the trials and errors in her life she learns what it truly means to find her inner strength and what it takes to truly follow her dreams in a world where dreams are so hard to find.

My Thoughts on A Star is Born

I absolutely loved the movie. It was an inspiring story about a young woman who truly found her dreams come true. It was, in my opinion, an awesome perspective.

Unfortunately, there was alot of tragedy. We watch a great singer fall because, he was unable to fully fight his addictions and he was consumed by it. By the time he was strong enough to walk away he had left such a destructive path in his wake that it was unforgivable.

The best part about the movie was it was relatable in every way, From having dreams and giving up on them, to watching people self-destruct all of the time. I am from the city and I see it everyday. So, watching this movie was truly good to watch.

Is The Movie Worthwhile To See?

If you haven't seen it yet, as a movie. It is a great movie to watch. Some of the scenes are questionable to watch but, when your kids are old enough they should see it too. It's main purpose is for the viewers to be told that no matter how hard it is follow your dreams. The main character did just that, she almost missed her opportunity though because of her job.

Why I think it is a good movie because I feel with how it was made it could relate to nowadays and any age. It's a story of tragedy, redemption, and above all else following your dreams no matter how impossible it seems.

Is it worthwhile to see?

Yes it is worth watching for anyone, even if you dislike movies like this kind of movie all of the small messages that are written throughout the film makes its worth it. The movie relates well with what people go through now everyday. With everything I have said I truly believe this is a good movie to see with everyone. For the kids though wait till they are more mature and understanding because, this movie has heavy drug use and sexual situations. If you can look past that then it is a good movie to see.

In Conclusion.

I really hoped you enjoyed my blog and review. A Star is Born was a great movie. In my opinion it was well written and well played. Lady Gaga did a phenomenon job as Ally and so did Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine. I hope you enjoyed the film if you have already seen it as I did. If you haven't seen it I am sure you will like it too. That's all for now and thanks for your time. Have a great day.

-I. White

© 2018 Isaac White


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