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Lady Gaga Album Cover and Track Listing

Updated on February 6, 2018

Fan-made Artpop Cover

Lady Gaga Artpop

UPDATE: Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Album, Single and App Release Date Finally Announced! Check it out here.

Also, for info about the first single and music video check here ---> Applause.

Lady Gaga has slipped off the scene for much of the year, since suffering a tragic tear of a ligament in her hip. She has since announced the release of her upcoming album - Artpop. An album which relatively little has been revealed.

So far only the name has been released. There hasn't been an inkling or suspicion as to any information about the album. Everything so far has been kept under lock and key.

There has not even been the leakage of a possible release date. Not the cover has been made visible. Not any of the songs have been released.

There were rumors that one of the songs will contain the follow-up video for Telephone, which Gaga filmed with fellow superstar, Beyonce, but other than that, Gaga has not stated any of the songs which shall be released on the album, neither an appropriate release date for the album, or any of the singles, except that it will come later in 2013.

Gaga has stated that the album contains revolutionary, grown-breaking material... but when? When will we be expecting to ravaged with these delicious tunes?

I have come across a potential leaked image of a cover and track-listing. If it is genuine is questionable. Perhaps it looks a little too tame for Mother Monster?

In all possibility, it may be the work of a Little Monster who is good with Photoshop and has too much time on his/her hands, but as far as we know, this could be genuine. So far, this is as much as we have to go on.

Take a look at the image, and the track-listing and then vote in the poll and tell me if you think it is genuine or not.

Artpop Cover Leaked?

Contrast to Born this Way Cover

The Cover of the image of the allegedly 'leaked' album shows Gaga with her hand propping up her chin, dressed in a multi-colored frayed wig and the words "Lady Gaga" and "Artpop" pronounced to the bottom of the image. It looks skillfully done, but what makes me doubtful about the validity of the cover image is the conformity of it.

Who remembers Born This Way's motorbike and Gaga's head superimposed on the image, which adorned a black cover. The cover presented her seems too conventional and tame for Gaga, who herself declared that “ARTPOP is very risky…if you’re not taking a risk you’re not breaking any boundaries.”

So this cover presented seems very conventional, which seems to go against the risky theme Gaga seems to be playing with.

Born This Way Cover

Previously Released Material

Gaga previously had songs released but had never been put on albums. They are fun catchy songs, but they make me doubt the validity of the track-listing because often these songs are just released as demos or to feel out the market.

Some of the songs which were previously released online but never onto albums, are listed below.

Another one of her previously released songs, which did not make the track-listing in the image, is Cake. I have included it in this hub also as it is one of my personal favorites. It is Gaga's attempt at rapping. On first listen, I was dismayed but it quickly got stuck in my head. It is noteworthy to mention that she performs this song live in her concert and you can hear the slowed down background audio. She then talks (raps) at a normal pace. In this studio produced version, the audio is then accelerated to give the illusion of "rapping".

I love Mummy Monster but perhaps she should stay away from this genre.


Two songs have already been released from ARTPOP - the leaked demo version of BURQA and the rush-released Applause, following it being leaked early online. So this confirms two of the songs from the album listing. Could it be that this is in fact the genuine listing?

Applause Audio

Burqa / Aura Demo Leak

Telephone Sequel

It i rumored that Artpop is expected to come in two volumes - one a commercial album for sale, and the other, an experimental album where Gaga can showcase her more risky types of songs and concoctions.

But nevertheless, it has been heavily rumored that finally, the story is going to continue, after Beyonce busts Gaga out of jail and they engage on a wide-spread serial murder spree. So more likely than not, the song that will serve as the sequel to Telephone's epic video, will be on this new album.

I have written a hub about this topic. Please feel free to check it out.

Artpop - the song

The song, Artpop, will definitely be released on the album. Gaga posted about the song back in 2012 along with the lyrics "We could, we could, belong together. ARTPOP" on her social networking site, . She also revealed a tattoo on her arm, of the word "ARTPOP".

The lyrics of Artpop have already been released. You can view them here.

Lady Gaga Merchandise

Artpop Potential Track-listing

How many of these will actually be on the final version of the album? We will just have to wait and see.

1. Matyr of Fame

2. Artpop

3. Stiletto ft. Beyonce

4. Sex Dreams

5. Burqa

6. Ratchet

7. Tea

8. G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)

9. The Applause

10. Kill the Bitch

11. Red Flame

12. The Element of Crime

13. Nothing On (But the Radio)

14. Antidote ft. Britney Spears

15. Private in Public

16. Victory of Medusa

17. Crown of Roses

18. Blonde Fox

19. Me and the Stage

20. Princess Die ft. Lana Del Ray

Artpop Tracklisting

Do you think this track-listing is the real deal?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The fact that they've titled Applause as 'The Applause' should tell you this is fake...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Never!! NEVER LANA DEL RAY!!!!!!!


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